Modern Deals Series Part 3: Deal Marketing

This article is part 3 of our Modern Deals series. Ansarada Deals™ supports total transaction management throughout the entire deal lifecycle. Put your best foot forward when approaching potential buyers and investors.

By AnsaradaTue May 18 2021Mergers and acquisitions, Capital raising, Innovation, CEO-CFO, Investors

Depending whether you are attempting to sell a company, raise capital or list publicly, your marketing plan will vary, but the pre-work remains the same. You’ll be sending out non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and confidential teasers to a list of potential buyers or investors and gaging their interest.
While these buyers or investors will assess the level of risk and opportunity in your business in a much more in-depth process during the due diligence stage, it’s important to show them a high-level overview of your potential – your vision and your level of clarity, capacity and capability to execute. If this initial pre-work is executed poorly, the whole deal can come undone.

Taking your deal to market: The old way

The legacy way of deal marketing involves a huge amount of grunt work. In the lead up to your big pitch, numerous hours are spent managing and tracking the NDA process and distributing confidential teasers and information memorandums manually with tools like emails and spreadsheets.  

While this can take an enormous amount of effort, sellers often have very little visibility into whether potential buyers or investors have actually read or received this information. 

Additional time is wasted on email back-and-forth to establish where exactly they stand in the process, which can open the doors to risk of accidental disclosure – for example, to a competitor who may be showing interest.

Taking your deal to market: The modern way

Using Deal Workflow™, sellers can track their NDAs and all pre-pitch processes using customizable digitized checklists. 

“By enabling the buy-side to view key documents in a single, secure location, we can get visibility over what’s been opened, what’s been viewed, and how engaged our potential bidders are from the get-go,” said Jon Newbery, Head of Corporate Finance & Projects at ASX100 company Downer EDI.

Centralizing all this activity allows sellers to reduce risk and streamline all of these processes to find the serious bidders, faster. The more NDAs you can send out, the more LOIs you can get back, which means a higher chance of your best valuation.

Pushing the envelope even further are purpose-built AI tools like the Bidder Engagement Score, which allows sell-side companies to accurately predict their winning bidders by day 7 of a deal. 

“Being able to see the trends week on week to assess whether they are improving helps us eliminate time wasted on disengaged bidders, maintain competitive tension, and focus our efforts on the ones most likely to convert, so we can get the deal done faster,” said Jacinta Martino, Corporate Development Administrator at Galaxy Resources Limited.

Made for modern dealmakers

Ansarada Deals™ is here. Deals is amplifying how dealmakers and business leaders achieve outcomes, across each stage of the deal lifecycle. It’s a total transaction management solution, and it’s what is helping modern dealmakers get confidence and control at every step.

Start preparing for your sale or raise today for free and don't pay anything until the first guest user logs in. Stay tuned for the next part of our Modern Deals Series: Deal Preparation with Ansarada Deals™. 

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