Deal Momentum Makers #2: Prepare

By ansaradaMon Nov 05 2018Capital raising

This series of articles looks at the ‘momentum makers’ – the key contributors to maintaining momentum in running a smooth investment process. Step one is knowing your business inside and out. Once you’ve gotten well acquainted with your business and your critical information, it’s time to prepare. How do you prepare for a capital raise?  
The key features of preparing:
  • Prepare and assemble your information and metrics. This will depend on how well you’ve accomplished step one; do you know your business inside and out, and all the critical information it comprises? If you fully understand your company and what investors are looking for, bringing this detail together should be a straightforward process.
  • Develop your forecast model and assumptions. This is essential to showing investors exactly how you’ll use the additional capital you’re seeking. Using your best in class SaaS measure framework to see how all your numbers will be impacted is going to be invaluable at this stage.
  • Ensure ownership structure and all agreements are ready to go. Agreements include title, ownership, customer, suppliers, etc. Make sure they are in good shape and ready for disclosure to potential investors.
  • Prepare what you know into an easily digestible information structure. Your narrative is important; the problem you’re solving – and the value behind solving it – should be clear to understand.


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