Remote working puts legacy tender management processes in the spotlight

From physical, in-person workshops to locked room evaluations, the inefficiencies of legacy tender process management have been highlighted more than ever in the wake of COVID-19.

By AnsaradaFri May 08 2020Tenders

"Sure, horses were great transport... until they invented the car."

Physical processes are moving online out of necessity, as is all communication and collaboration. While the rest of the world moves forward and adapts, risky and inefficient methods for tendering haven’t yet been properly considered or challenged.
We regularly see the sort of ‘it’s good enough’ mindset that leads to tender and procurement professionals taking on far too much risk. Managing these complex, high-value processes via emails and spreadsheets, using multiple different tools that don’t operate in sync; it’s simply not good enough in an environment where there is so much at stake – and that was before the public health crisis.
Managing Q&A across systems and creating audit trails are often done manually. Separate platforms are used to manage submissions and evaluation. The way these processes are facilitated is manual, repetitive, and leads to unnecessary risk.

New restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have made it nearly impossible to maintain these types of processes with the level of security and efficiency they demand.
Sure, horses were great transport... until they invented the car.
Governments, businesses and teams should view this challenge as an opportunity to identify and assess legacy processes of the past and move to the best practice alternative. They should be aiming to emerge from this with a safer, more efficient, and proven effective way of managing future tenders, not accepting the additional risk and stress as a given ‘in this climate’.
This is an opportunity to emerge from a public health crisis with a safer, more efficient and proven way of managing tenders, protected against future economic downturns and periods of uncertainty.
The Ansarada Tender Platform has been developed in conjunction with industry-leading consultants and project managers in the procurement and tendering space to meet the unique challenges in these areas, and has been battle tested on over $400B worth of complex tendering processes. 

It allows you to manage the process in a single, highly controlled, secure audited location with a team of experts available to ensure the system is being utilised the right way, all the way throughout the tender.

Incorporating purpose-built tools like 2-way Q&A, Submission and Evaluation tools, the platform is the only solution in the market to efficiently manage a complex tendering process from end to end, in a single, secure, auditable platform.

It’s time to trade in your horse

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