Sell Side Benefits Of Using Ansarada

Whether you're advising or being advised, working on the sell side of a deal is trying and stressful.

By ansaradaMon Jul 04 2016

For CFOs, CEOs and Business Owners, the potential change in ownership structure - be it IPO, capital raising or sale - brings with it an intense level of scrutiny, a demand for an entirely new skill set, pressure, and a large increase in workload - all while trying to maintain secrecy - and your day job!  

On the advisory side, a complex challenge.  Every deal, client and business is different, requiring flexibility. Workloads are fierce and the reputation risk of a single mistake can undo a career.

At ansarada, we get it. From day one, we have worked to make life easier for everyone involved in deals. And after having now run more than 10,000 deals, we've learned a lot about how to do just that:

Keep it simple, by design

"From our end we needed something that would be easy to navigate, simple to use and did not require training – something that was purposely built for due diligence." Paul Pollock, Partner, Crowell Moring

Great design has been a key tenet of ansarada since our doors opened. Why? When data rooms are intuitive and simple to navigate, your focus stays on the deal itself. 

Keep help in reach - quickly

“If we have to call ansarada support we are never left on hold. There is always someone to talk to no matter what time of the day or night it is. ansarada client support can jump right in and fix any problem you may have.” KPMG Corporate Finance M&A team

When you need help on a deal, you can't wait. ansarada's follow-the-sun team in Sydney, Chicago and London means no queues. Your call goes straight to a human, 24 hours a day. And our monitoring system means that chances are, we'll contact you first. ansarada support made 10,148 proactive support calls in 2015 alone.

Keep it accessible

"I have gotten incredibly positive feedback from possible buyers on ansarada, who have commented that it was very easy to use, quick and accessible.” Ross Dobinson, Director, Acrux

The last thing you want to hear on the sell side is "the bidders can't access the room". You want your tech to be sworn by, not sworn at. This means accessibility should be at the top of your tech priority list. Are your bidders in a locked-down IT environment?  They can get straight into our room. Fast. It works with any device, any browser and no plugins or downloads required. Zero installs = zero hassles.

Keep it human

“ansarada has very good people. The help desk is always friendly, knowledgable and timely." Emma Forbes, Special Counsel and National Head of Legal Technology, Ashurst

Isn't it great dealing with experts, passionate about what they do? ansarada consistently ranks in the top 10 employers to work for.  This means we retain great people and all the experience they accumulate. For you, this means less explaining yourself and better advice.

Sophistication matters

“It’s important that a data room is easy to drive, yet still has the horsepower under the hood. ansarada is very intuitive, which equates to fewer maintenance calls from our less tech savvy users.  At the same time, our more tech oriented users appreciate the versatility and power of this platform.” Joe Taggart, Managing Director, Landvest Institutional Timberlands Group

Deals are rarely alike. So ansarada built a robust and flexible permissioning engine, to tailor any room to the deal you're working on. If you knew your data room could do anything you needed it to, wouldn't that make your life easier?

Document security you can actually use

"ansarada had a better software interface than other data room providers, it was easier to get around and I felt more comfortable with it. I was also impressed with the security of ansarada’s data room. ansarada offers so many levels of security with so many different flavors. Other data rooms would have been a nightmare to use.” Edward Abbati, Vice President Finance, Location Labs

Online due diligence can feel like a battle between security and speed. How do I keep my documents safe, without being obstructive to bidders? ansarada delivers both with zero compromises. Documents open in their native applications, but you have more control. No matter where they go, documents can be tracked and expired, instantly. Zero worries.

Reporting - for clients, bidders (and you)

“I got good feedback from my colleagues about ansarada. The user interface was very easy to use and the help desk was available at any time of the day. I also found the ansarada data room useful for tracking user activity in the different folders of the data room. Using ansarada made it very easy for us to download and send the question list and user activity log to our client.” Martijn De Win, Holland Corporate Finance N.V.

Diagnosing bidder priorities and managing your client relationships is easy with ansarada reporting. Get a 20 tab workbook in one click, full of graphs and charts on bidder activity. Perfect for forwarding onto Boards and MDs who refuse to open more than one document. They don't have to know it took you seconds, do they?

Q&A, the single greatest way to save stress in deals

“ansarada has enabled us to manage up to four deals at any one time. I especially like the Q&A function. Q&A with ansarada is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing us to focus on the crucial aspects of the transaction. It saves the pain of having to collate and organise the hundreds of questions bidders typically have during due diligence. End to end the ansarada system is fantastic." Jamie Olsen, Founder, CMB Capital

Sell side advisors tell us that Q&A occupies 70% of their deal time.  That's why we set out to build something remarkably better. Designed from advisor wish lists, ansarada is all your Q&A dreams come true - short of a magic wand. Find out Why you should run Q&A through a data room.