Startup Revolution Webinar: How to take advantage of a recovering market

What can startups do right now to take advantage of a reawakening market?

By AnsaradaThu Jul 30 2020Capital raising, CEO-CFO

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In this roundtable chat, Ansarada’s Alex Spronk, Head of Europe Mainland is joined by Timo Bey, Founding Partner of Startupfinanzen and Graig Gröbli, Managing Partner at DealCircle for a discussion on the near-term outlook for Startup Financing, and winning strategies for engaging with hungry investors.

In the webinar, they cover:

  • The current state of the market and likelihood of receiving new funding from VCs and PEs - factors discussed include regionality and sector
  • Tips on what you can be doing to increase the likelihood that a VC will engage with you
  • How to prepare and execute once you’ve set your initial meetings with VCs - what to do and what to avoid during that meeting
  • Advice on the differences of targeting VC funding vs. investment from a PE
  • The role technology can play in helping your ability to show the full potential of your business without draining resources necessary to keep that momentum going
  • A review of inaccurate assumptions that Startups might make about investors and vice-versa and how to overcome these false narratives
  • How working with an advisory can impact even the earliest stages of funding including your seed round
  • How Ansarada is developing solutions to drive better practices amongst both companies preparing to seek investments, and investors shopping for new additions to their portfolios

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