Ultimate Deal Security Part 4: Buy-side leakage

Learn how to achieve ultimate deal security in part 4 of our 8-part series for advisors, written by Ansarada CTO Owen Senior.

By AnsaradaMon Apr 20 2020Security and risk management

How do you prevent buy-side leakage? You are sharing sensitive documents with one or more buy-side groups. You want to ensure the buy-side has the convenience they need to consider your information, but equally you need to be confident they cannot leak the information.

Some of these considerations are well known, but there are advanced techniques that can take you up a level in protecting your client. Here we consider the basics; you need to have these. Then some more advanced considerations to take you to ultimate deal security.

The basics

Digital watermarking that nails the detail

If someone screenshots or takes a photo of the document, you need to be able to trace it back to an exact person and IP address, which - combined with a full audit trail - nails responsibility. It is rare, but successful legal cases have been brought forward based on evidence from the Ansarada system. This fact - that you can prove this photograph of a document is traced to a person and a time and an access point - this deeply discourages buy-side users from taking the risk.

Ansarada led the field in introducing such detailed digital watermarking. Find the details of how to use them here.

Buy-side downloaded documents

Ansarada allows you to choose either to prevent buy-side download of documents or allow it.

If you allow it, the documents are still secure - the access can be switched off at any time. The buy-side can view office documents and PDFs natively on their machine, but the security is still tied back to Ansarada and you can disable it at any time.

This is done without the need for plugins that can get blocked by the buy-side security environment, so you can allow buy-side convenience without risking leakage. Learn more about these features here.

Full and comprehensive audits

Including who viewed and did what, when and so on, in full.

This is vital for accountability and security, and Ansarada has detailed reporting for you in this area. Want to know more? Get more details in this article.


Bidder Engagement Score

When you have multiple buy-side groups, the Ansarada AI tooling comes to the fore. It allows you to see who is engaged and who isn’t, and track that over time.

The commercial benefits of the Bidder Engagement Score are clear. Respond to falls in engagement, re-engage, and maintain more bidders and competitive tension to the end, with a view to maximizing the outcome for your client.

But the security benefits are also of note, because if a bidder isn’t truly engaged (if they are simply a tire-kicker), then the sooner you respond and remove them, the better for your client. Perhaps they are just viewing major contracts and aren’t actually interested in the deal itself! 

Ansarada’s excellent reporting of specific documents viewed, plus the intelligence of the Bidder Engagement Score together enable you to protect your client from such bidders and the risks they present (along with the waste of time they represent).

Learn more about Ansarada’s bidder engagement score in the tech brief here.

Redaction (July 2020)

Ansarada’s Redaction tool will be released in July 2020 to provide powerful redaction functionality. If you’d like a preview, get in touch and we will take you through it.
Now we’ve looked at how to prevent buy-side leakage to achieve ultimate deal security - but there’s more to come. Soon enough, we’ll get to the cybersecurity of the platform itself, but before we get to that, we need to tackle a more uncomfortable topic. One to do with user naïveté about cybersecurity, and how that has a high potential to hurt your deal. Read on to part 5 of the series!
Owen Senior has been working with software product companies for over 20 years and with secure SaaS products since 2004 -  working with business stakeholders, technology and information security experts to ensure systems are both easy to use and secure.
Owen Senior, Chief Technology Officer, Ansarada

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