What board portal features do I need?

Learn what key features will keep board management and operations running smoothly

    A board portal is cloud-based software that helps board members and company secretaries share board documents and collaborate on sensitive information efficiently and securely. If you’re hunting for a board portal provider, there are a few important board portal features you need to look out for to ensure the smooth running and effectiveness of your board committee. 
    Ultimately, a board portal must be secure, easy to use, and make lives easier for the board members and company secretaries who use it every day. The features of good board management software will support these key areas of security, simplicity and smarts to ensure good governance.

    Board portal features for security & compliance

    Security should always be a top priority for boards when it comes to managing their organization’s most sensitive information, which is why it’s essential that the board software you choose follows the most stringent security standards.
    A must-have is industry-leading encryption, along with any supporting security technology that can add layers of protection. The strongest meetings software will keep all sensitive meeting materials, board books and communication within a single centralized platform, eliminating the need for file sharing outside of the secure setting.
    This level of protection is compulsory to ensure compliance with international and industry-specific compliance standards, as well as any regional or country-specific standards. One key compliance feature to look for is the ability to generate a full audit trail in order to track all usage reporting and analytics, and to satisfy the most comprehensive board reporting requirements.

    Keep board meetings secure with features including:

    • Automatic backups
    • Flexible permission management
    • Industry leading encryption
    • Private annotations
    • Usage reporting and analytics
    • Biometric login
    • Secure document sharing

    Board portal features for simplicity & ease of use

    A crucial aspect of any good board portal is its ability to simplify tasks and eliminate time-consuming manual work - especially important when a board member sits on multiple boards and could have thousands of documents to review.
    Key features to make the lives of board members and company secretaries easier include basic drag and drop functionality, simple collaboration tools, clearly organised binders to capture all meeting minutes and board materials, and an extensive onboarding process to ensure that all these features are understood.
    An easy-to-use board portal is essential. Board committee members have enough work on their plate, and spending time learning how to use complex tools is completely avoidable - even for the non-tech savvy.

    Simplify the board meeting process with features including:

    • Board pack management
    • Drag and drop file upload
    • Automated agenda building
    • Multiple board support
    • Full text search
    • Touch and mobile optimised
    • Voting and board surveys
    • Dashboards
    • Submit feature requests
    • Convert Word / Excel / Powerpoint to PDF
    • Support for video
    • Native iPhone/iPad app
    • Native Windows 10 app

    Board portal features for smarter processes & decisions

    Leading board portals offer smart features such as annotation and the ability to easily sign resolutions online via any device. Being able to annotate documents and syncing these notes with the click of a button is what keeps board meetings running quickly and smoothly.
    They can also give boards, directors and corporate secretaries unparalleled insights into visibility by offering a single platform from which to collaborate and manage all their commitments, and real-time analytics to keep them informed at all times.

    These board portal features empower your board members to independently review key reports and compare prior forecasts to performance while all remaining on the same page.

    Work smarter in board meetings with features including: 

    • Full offline access
    • Customizable settings
    • Extensive annotation tools
    • Alerts for new content
    • Real-time analytics
    • eSign resolutions
    • Smart folders
    • Sync annotations across devices
    • Side-by-side document comparison
    • 24/7/365 support

    Optimize your board of directors

    Learn more about Ansarada Board and how it can simplify and amplify all the efforts of board members and company secretaries in our board management best practice guide.

    Unique features and firsts for board portal software

    While Ansarada Board has all of the key functionality you would expect from a board portal software (as listed above), it also has some unique features that make it stand out when it comes to best-practice board meeting management.


    Freehand annotations

    Ansarada Board offers freehand or dictated annotations, which is especially valuable for making notes on the go on iPads or smartphones. Take notes alongside your documents, scribble annotations, highlight, draw shapes and compare two documents side by side. 

    All-inclusive pricing

    Many board portals will charge for additional boards and binders, making it expensive once you tally up all the add-ons. With Ansarada Board, you can add multiple boards and binders to your dashboard, all inclusive. 

    Advanced visibility for company secretaries

    Ansarada Board provides comprehensive analytics over who has reviewed or annotated which documentation, making it easy for the company secretary to monitor. It’s the simplest way for you to prioritize your followup and make communications with the board as efficient as possible.

    24/7/365 support

    Customer Success at Ansarada has long been renowned for their outstanding support, which they now bring to Ansarada Board. With a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 96.6%25 and an average of 13 seconds to answer support calls, you’ll never wait to get an issue resolved.

    A heritage of trust

    Ansarada redefines excellence in information governance, from deals, corporate transactions, risk and compliance to tender management. Over 23,000+ critical business transactions have been executed through our data rooms. We are trusted by the world's leading institutions and government organisations, and 80% of our customers are the top 100 banks.
    You trusted us with the world’s largest critical corporate transactions; now you can trust us with your board governance. Ansarada Board is delivered with the same commitment to give you total confidence through simplicity, smarts and iron-clad security.

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