Board Portals For Nonprofits & Enterprises

Everything you need to know about board portal software

    The workload of a board committee is demanding, so when a board comes together for a meeting, it’s critical to ensure it’s productive, efficient and culminates in the desired results. These meetings require good planning, high-level collaboration and inter-departmental communication. Board portals make all of this simpler and more effective, providing one easy to access location through which board members, wherever they are, can collaborate via their board management software

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    What is a board portal?

    A board portal is cloud-based software used by boards of directors, advisory committees and administrators to securely organize, share board documents and collaborate on sensitive information. An efficient, easy-to-use portal is vital to the smooth running of board committees and is therefore one of the most beneficial investments an enterprise or nonprofit board can make.

    What is board management software? Board management software is a digital tool that facilitates board management processes such as organizing committees, setting up meetings, requesting votes, creating surveys, and sharing files.

    Board management software vs board portal

    To put it simply, - a board portal is board management software. They are the same product that is designed to take care of the information, governance and collaboration required for good board management. 

    Alternatively, you could think of the portal as a gateway to all the board management features provided by the software. 

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    Learn more about Ansarada Board and how it can simplify and amplify all the efforts of board members and company secretaries in our board management best practice guide.

    How to choose board portal software

    With the ability to securely and easily discuss sensitive information, comes improved board governance. This empowers boards with clarity, control and certainty to guide decision making. The best software will enable your board to access meeting minutes, sign important documents, build templated agendas, automate meeting scheduling, assign and manage tasks — all from wherever they are in the world.. 

    When assessing board portal providers, it’s important to look at things like:
    • Does the platform offer a free trial?
    • What is the pricing thereafter?
    • What features does it include?
    • How secure is the software?
    • How simple is it to use?

    A key thing to be aware of is security. At Ansarada, we’ve ensured our board portal is at the highest standard when it comes to security. Ansarada’s secure board software features extensive security and control features that reduce risks and protect sensitive board information. 

    Our board portal is also extremely easy to use and, being cloud-based, can be accessed on any device. Board members can even download the app to make the login process a breeze.

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    Board management for nonprofits

    When it comes to board management for nonprofits, time and meeting management is crucial. Often staffed partially or majoritively by volunteers, the need to be efficient and organized is paramount. With a board portal, nonprofit boards are able to regain crucial time that is often lost to the manual creation of meeting agendas, minutes and resolutions. 

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