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What is a Top Supplier?

A list of top suppliers outlines the details of your company’s key suppliers based on their share in your procurement costs.

A list of top suppliers provides information on the key suppliers of your company, including:

  • Company Details: Name, registration, geographic presence, specialization, capabilities, payment and contact details
  • Procurement Contracts: Raw materials and services procured, frequency of engagement, start and end dates of their agreement with your company
  • Procurement Cost Contribution: Contribution of key suppliers that accounts for more than 5% of your procurement costs

Why is Top Suppliers important for business today?

A list of top suppliers enables your company to:

  • Track and assess the importance and contribution of top suppliers
  • Evaluate your products’ profit margins by analyzing procurement costs (e.g.raw materials) and retail price across product segments
  • Understand and evaluate supply and any fluctuations and satisfaction levels of your suppliers
  • Plan retention and growth strategies for your top suppliers based on agreement end dates
  • Formulate strategies to procure new products and services and diversify your supplier base
  • Assign supplier relationship managers to your suppliers for effective engagement and retention

Why is Top Suppliers important for an event tomorrow?

A list of top suppliers is important for an event tomorrow, as it helps:

  • Evaluate the types of products and services procured by your company and your dependence on certain suppliers across geographies
  • Determine the overall costs associated with procurement and the share of top suppliers in your company’s costs
  • Assess the details of your company’s top suppliers to evaluate their capability to maintain existing services as well as expansion of those services
  • Analyze any variations in your company’s top suppliers’ list, and assess any reasons behind them
  • Benchmark the procurement costs of your company against your competitors
  • Evaluate any potential risk and the impact of loss of top suppliers on your company’s performance

Pros of addressing Top Suppliers

  • Benchmark the procurement cost for top suppliers against other company suppliers
  • Evaluate the lifetime value of your suppliers by analyzing historical engagement trends
  • Engage effectively with your top suppliers and strengthen your relationship with them
  • Increase retention of top suppliers by formulating appropriate strategies
  • Ensure regular and timely supply of raw materials and products
  • Negotiate better prices and payment terms

Cons of not addressing this topic

  • Increase in risk of losing top suppliers due to lack of supplier management and retention strategies
  • Difficult to track the contribution and performance of your top suppliers
  • Negative impact on your product margins due to your company’s inability to track procurement costs
  • Increase in operational risks of your company since agreement end dates of your top suppliers are not tracked
  • Restriction on your company’s ability to diversify or expand your supplier base.

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