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Management Presentations

What is a Management Presentation?

Management presentations are the documents prepared by your management team to outline the current and future performance of your company to a prospective buyer.

Management presentations summarize your company’s current and forecasted financial and operational performance. These presentations are prepared by your management team to communicate your company’s performance to potential investors. These can be presented either in person, or through video conference.

These presentations cover:

  • Company Overview: Brief history of your company, year of foundation and incorporation, key senior executives, ownership status, current investors, and number of offices and their locations
  • Business Overview: Organization structure, products, services, business divisions and subsidiaries
  • Business Offerings: Product and service portfolios across business segments and their traction rates, including a sales pipeline report or backlog, the problems they address and the market gaps they fill
  • Financial Performance: Historical and current financial performance, and future projections along with details of the assumptions used for projections
  • Operational Performance: Summary of your company’s key performance metrics such as number of current customers and average price
  • Market Opportunity: Target market, potential opportunity, customer segments, and competitive strength analysis
  • Management’s strategy: The plan that has been developed by the management team to take advantage of the market opportunities identified and the current implementation status of that plan

Why are Management Presentations important for business today?

Management Presentations are only prepared for a specific event. However retaining a copy of a Management Presentation prepared for past events can serve as a useful source of material when there is a need to prepare summary information on the business or management’s strategy.

Why are Management Presentations important for an event tomorrow?

Management presentations are important for an event tomorrow, as they help investors to:

  • Understand the business operations of your company, including your evolution and revenue model
  • Understand the current strategy of the management team and the current status of its implementation
  • Determine the credentials of your company’s management team and assess their capabilities
  • The management presentation events also provide an opportunity to engage in a faster learning process through quick-fire back-and-forth questions rather than following the more rigid Q&A process

Pros of addressing Management Presentations

  • Summarises the key strategic issues and opportunities for investors
  • Provides a forum for investors to quickly increase their understanding of the strategic issues
  • Allows management to demonstrate their capability to potential new investors
  • Provides an additional opportunity for the key selling messages to be conveyed

Cons of not addressing this topic

  • Investors may never fully appreciate the strategic opportunities of the business and therefore undervalue the opportunity being presented
  • Management is not able to demonstrate their capability thereby potentially resulting in reduced investor confidence in the ongoing operations

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