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“We are recommending Ansarada to our clients.” Daniel Nascimento, Banif Investment Bank.

Banif Investment Bank

Portugal’s Banif Investment Bank is constantly seeking ways to make M&A easier.

“We trade ideas on how to smooth and improve the M&A process,” says Daniel Nascimento, an associate in the corporate finance division at Banif Investment Bank. “One of our contacts talked about the ansarada experience and how good it was so we decided to call to ask for a demonstration.”

Banif Investment Bank liked what they saw.

“There are no add ons and plug ins. ansarada data rooms are smooth and streamlined,” says Mr Nascimento. “You don’t need to install anything. There are less problems with firewalls and there are no compliance issues using the ansarada data room.”

Banif Investment Bank used ansarada for the 410 million euro sale of Portuguese auto consumer finance company Banco Banif Mais S.A. to France’s Cofidis Participations S.A.

Mr Nascimento is in the midst of using ansarada for more M&A deals.

“In the past the data room process was long and complicated,” says Mr Nascimento. “Ansarada is very pleasant to use as within five minutes you can get a good understanding of the system without tutorials or webinars. Ansarada’s Q&A process has facilitated our work as advisors.”

Banif Investment Bank has now become an advocate for ansarada.

“We are recommending Ansarada to our clients,” says Mr Nascimento.

Daniel Nascimento, Banif Investment Bank

Banif Investment Bank is a corporate advisory firm.

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