"From day one, what I liked about Ansarada was the speed and reactiveness of the product and the people." Paul Pollock, partner, Crowell & Moring.

Crowell & Moring

“We recently completed a due diligence assessment of a company on behalf of a private equity sponsor. The seller initially provided us with access to Dropbox where the diligence documents were situated. After logging in, we quickly discovered that the dropbox system was hindering our workflow. The document repository was too basic for the purpose of due diligence and was costing us valuable time and resources through its inefficiencies , ultimately impeding the success of this transaction.

From our end we needed something that would be easy to navigate, simple to use and did not require training – something that was purposely built for due diligence. Document depositories that simply store data do not compare with something that is designed to power an M&A transaction. We knew of Ansarada and on our client ’s initiative decided to cover the expenses of the data room in an effort to invest in the success of the deal.

The big difference with Ansarada as opposed to one of the simple document repositories was that with Ansarada, it just worked like you would expect. Instead of spending time trying to learn how the data room wanted us to do things, we could just get on with our work. it was clearly designed to facilitate m&a due diligence.

Ansarada was great from the start . Their client service team was able to migrate all the documents over from Dropbox quickly, which meant no time was lost and we could start proper due diligence.

From day one, what I liked about Ansarada was the speed and reactiveness of the product and the people. It was just so easy to find the information you were after.

All parties were a lot less frustrated after the migration. By nature deals like this can be complicated at the best of times, so when you can get some things right from the foundation level, it definitely goes a long way.”

Paul Pollock, partner, Crowell & Moring

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