"It’s been a terrific experience – nothing but smooth sailing.” Mike Niem Czyk, controller, Healthrageous.


“When we were first starting out with our fundraising, the company that was assisting us recommended ansarada, so we took it from there.

I didn’t have much experience with data rooms, but after using Ansarada I would describe my experience as wonderful. Not that this is a bad thing but there has been very little need for human interaction. I haven’t needed much help at all since the beginning of the process.

The data room is very easy to use and you are always confident your information is available, safe, secure and accessible from anywhere in the world, so we’ve really had nothing but great love for it.

The main benefit is how simple it is to give access to those who you want to see your information. It’s easy to set people and groups up, it’s easy to deny access to certain documents, and it’s easy to watermark documents.

Our business has grown so much in the last six months, so we’ve had large volumes of data added to the room. With the data room, you’re able to notify people as soon as new information is in there, quickly and easily. It’s just a great single source for all our information that we want to share with our potential investors.

I would definitely recommend Ansarada. The data room is so well mapped out. Ansarada really have a great understanding of what a data room is used for; all the checks and balances needed to make it a safe and trustworthy environment have given us great confidence. Overall it’s been a terrific experience – nothing but smooth sailing.”

Mike Niem Czyk, controller, Healthrageous

Healthrageous Incorporated used ansarada’s virtual data rooms for their fundraising process. Based in Boston Massachusetts, Healthrageous is a connected health company providing guidance, coaching and support services to help companies and individuals achieve health related goals.

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