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“What really stands out about Ansarada is its support team."

Oil & Gas

An investment banker specializing in oil and gas deals in Australia and Asia prefers just one data room provider, Ansarada.

“What really stands out about Ansarada is its support team. Its Australian support is excellent and its U.K. support is just as good.” says the banker.

“Ansarada’s support is extremely friendly and nice,” adds the banker. “I can send an email and know with confidence the problem will be sorted out quickly and correctly. That’s why I put Ansarada’s name down as a data room provider every time.”

The banker has used Ansarada on three occasions and recommended his firm use it on three other deals.

“When a bidder is stuck on something and needs a quick resolution, I know that Ansarada will sort it out for me” says the banker. “It takes the stress out of my life and that’s why I’ve put Ansarada’s name down for the next three deals I am working on.”

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