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Ansarada data rooms maximize competitive tensions through their flexibility, functionality and client support, says a leading African-based investment bank.

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We’ve been very pleased with how Ansarada has used feedback from my team.

“Ansarada’s data rooms are functional, dynamic and extremely user friendly,” says a senior investment banker based in Johannesburg. “Our team found the interface to be flexible and the support team available, aiding our advisory work by helping to maximize competitive tension between parties in the process.”

With bidding groups that stretch across multiple time zones, cultures and languages, Ansarada data rooms are also hassle free thanks to global customer support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The senior investment banker is especially pleased with how Ansarada has used feedback from his team to improve its product.

“We’ve been very pleased with how Ansarada has used feedback from my team,” says the banker. “Ansarada’s turnaround time on suggestions is very encouraging.”

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