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Henry McNeill

We’ve partnered with Henry McNeill, a leading expert in post-M&A integration, to develop the Post-Acquisition Pathway and Post-Merger Integration Pathway - the first frameworks of their kind to lay out a clear path forward to unify and coordinate new business entities.

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What I have found is that many businesses start from scratch on the next acquisition, making the best use of their previous experiences, chiefly due to different people being involved and a lack of a long-term reusable repository to store experiences. A PMI template they can use and adapt is very advantageous.
Henry McNeill, Integration Consultant, ComputerBright Ltd

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“It’s not just about getting the deal done, it’s also about ensuring the integration and synergies can be delivered,” said Henry McNeill, leading consultant in post-acquisition & merger integration with 35+ years’ experience in the field. 

Having held many different roles, it was always integration that he found the most exciting stage of the transaction.

"I always had much more of a passion for the post acquisition work rather than the due diligence work. It was that complexity and trying to find ways of integrating companies together that I find much more interesting than any part of the M&A lifecycle," said Henry.

Ansarada's Post-Acquisition and Post-Merger Integration Pathways were developed in partnership with Henry to guide companies through the integration process. "This is coming from day one, right through to delivering all the synergies. And that includes the activities you need to do on the very first day of acquisition. The 100-day plan covering all the functional areas, such as finance, corporate, IT, procurement, HR, and then making sure you've actually delivered the synergies.

I would recommend it because I think it gives both companies who've had little experience in post acquisition integration projects a very good starting point; to educate them in what their responsibilities are for post acquisition integration. But also for large companies that have gone through this particular type of activity before, it allows them to store all their historical details about their post acquisition integration experiences, compare them and come up with best practice for the future."

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