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IMPROVED has been on a two-decade journey building expertise in TEM sectors, driving impact and innovation. Watch their story.

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The team likes to work with Ansarada because of its user friendliness…Ansarada takes the chaos out of the transaction and it’s really the tool for structuring documentation that helps investors and buyers diving into documentation in a structured manner.
Bas Hendriks, Director, IMPROVED Corporate Finance


A global force in Tech, Energy, and Mobility

IMPROVED Corporate Finance, established in the Netherlands in 2013, has embarked on a mission to infuse corporate finance with enhanced creativity, business intelligence, and financial expertise. Over the years, it has evolved into a notable global corporate finance boutique, boasting a team of over 20 professionals spanning Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region. This team, with a cumulative experience exceeding two centuries, has forged a strong reputation through collaborations with esteemed entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate entities within the Technology, Energy, and Mobility (TEM) sectors.

“IMPROVED is a corporate finance boutique founded by Frank Verbeek, Managing Partner, to support relevant innovations, and to be able to raise capital, and support entrepreneurs throughout their journeys. Our competitive advantage lies in our sector expertise and our international operations,” says Sherief Rahim, Managing Director.

“The technology, energy, and mobility sectors are evolving extremely rapidly. We share all the latest reports and are storing those while educating our team on the latest developments as well. I like to be able to embrace technology innovation and look at how to bring that into the equity stories and present that to investors,” says Rahim.


Embracing specialised sector expertise

The firm holds a firm belief that the era of local generalists in corporate finance has passed. They advocate that entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates gain substantial advantages from boutique investment banks that offer specialised, globally relevant sector expertise.

“What I love about working here is the responsibilities you get; as we have been growing as a firm, we need the entire team to make sure we remain ahead of the competition, executing transactions within this technology, energy and mobility domain. Which are relevant industries, and that makes it a nice place to work,” says Bas Henriks, Director. 


Pioneering innovation across key sectors

IMPROVED has been a distinguished name in corporate finance for the Technology industry since the early 2000s. This dedicated focus has granted them an in-depth comprehension of the business models and intrinsic value drivers in innovative technology companies. The Energy and Mobility sectors, standing at the cusp of disruption and innovation, also form a significant part of their expertise, with the firm committed to empowering groundbreaking innovations in these areas.

“When considering opening the London office, one of the key considerations was the fact that the UK is a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity in the sectors we cover: technology, energy, and mobility. But also, it’s the home of many of the internationally-renowned investors that we work so closely with,” says Daniel Lyons, Managing Director. 

Shaping a sustainable future

Sustainability plays a key part of the work they do at IMPROVED, with the aim to ensure everything they do has a positive impact. 

“We see that - especially on the investment and the buyer side - ESG is becoming a more prominent topic in their due diligence,” says Hendriks.

“ESG and sustainability are critical elements our generation needs to accelerate and adopt into our daily lives because that’s a huge issue in our current society. If everyone contributes, we can make a better world for the next generations, and that’s definitely something we hope to achieve with IMPROVED,” says Thomas Smal, Senior Associate.

IMPROVED’s success formula

IMPROVED’s ambition is to excel at the convergence of Technology, Energy, and Mobility. They concentrate on megatrends that are reshaping interactions, consumption patterns, and travel habits in the business and consumer spheres. In their view, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates are optimally supported by a specialised corporate finance partner, especially given the rapid pace of innovation. The firm takes pride in the accomplishments of their clients, with a notable track record of serving mid-market clients across the TEM sectors, a testament to their commitment and expertise. 
“Whenever we’re working on a transaction, we need a secure data room where we can control access and manage who’s looking at the documents, and also be able to see when new documents are being loaded from the client and manage Q&A from potentially investors.

"What we really like about Ansarada is it’s intuitive, it’s really easy to explain to clients how they can interact with it, investors seem to like it, so it’s typically our go-to choice,” says Lyons.

“The team likes to work with Ansarada because of its user friendliness…Ansarada takes the chaos out of the transaction and it’s really the tool for structuring documentation that helps investors and buyers diving into documentation in a structured manner,” says Hendriks.

“I love the redaction tool; it’s very easy to use. Now, what you can do is you can easily dive into words that you were looking for that you want to redact and AI automatically redacts all the pages, so it saves you a lot of time,” says Smal. “Ansarada brings us order to the M&A chaos.” 

Ansarada is proud to provide deal technology to help IMPROVED Corporate Finance realise their potential.



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