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IndexIQ is a leading alternative asset ETF provider.

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Ansarada is a quality, robust platform with an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach.
David Fogel, co-founder, IndexIQ

Doing a M&A deal that involves a company you have founded is special and close to the heart.

That’s why IndexIQ, a leading alternative asset ETF provider, chose ansarada.

Ansarada was recommended by our investment bankers who said the Ansarada product was high quality and flexible,” says David Fogel, president and co-founder of IndexIQ. “As entrepreneurs ourselves, we were sensitive to Ansarada’s position as a smaller firm trying to establish itself in a competitive market and figured we would receive significant senior-level attention, which was the case.”

After a multi-month auction that involved multiple bidders, it was announced in December 2014 that IndexIQ would be acquired by New York Life’s Investment Management unit.

“We knew we would have significant interest among bidders because the ETF market generally and liquid alternative asset strategies in particular are very hot right now,” says Mr Fogel.

“Given the anticipated interest from multiple parties, we needed a flexible and easy to use solution that could handle high volume simultaneously, while providing comfort that information was fully secure and could not be accessed across bidders,” says Mr Fogel. “Ansarada provided that and since we operate in a highly regulated marketplace with an unusually high volume of data that needed to be organized and shared, Ansarada also handled this effectively.”

Mr Fogel adds: “Ansarada is a quality, robust platform with an entrepreneurial, hands-on approach.”

David Fogel, co-founder, IndexIQ

The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed

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