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Connecting stakeholders for a clean energy future

Ian Lawrie is a Founder of Island Green Power in the UK, a company driving green energy innovation worldwide for a global impact. Learn how he is fostering strong stakeholder relationships to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources.

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Ansarada were willing to build modules that suited us, and anyone that we were dealing with found it easy to use. Island Green Power would have maybe forty or fifty individual companies - every project that we do is a standalone entity. It just made that work.
Ian Lawrie, Founder, Island Green Power


Island Green Power is revolutionizing clean energy management across continents 

Island Green Power was founded in 2012 by Ian Lawrie, Colm Killeen, and Dave Elvin, and has grown exponentially from there. 

“Now, we still have our office in Norwich, we have an office in in London (our head office in Fulham), and we have an office in Madrid in Spain. And we have projects all over the world – New Zealand, Sardinia, England, and Australia. The company has evolved, and it's just grown. It's become a bigger and bigger family, and it's great to see,” says Ian.

Challenges to progress

Enhancing efficiency and order in green energy projects

Managing multiple projects across different locations worldwide, it was critical for Island Green Power to ensure smooth communication and collaboration with landowners and stakeholders. Handling legal agreements and regulatory processes efficiently was another major challenge to solve. The team needed a comprehensive and user-friendly system for document management and sharing. All of these were critical for meeting their purpose-driven goal of adding more clean energy to the grid.

“Our goals and our mission are to basically - we have an awful lot of projects that are currently either in legal agreements with landowners to allow us to start projects and put them into planning. We have projects in planning. We have nearly eleven gigawatts of renewable energy that we can put in, in the countries we're in,” says Ian. “Our goal is to actually look back in a few years’ time and say, look, we've added all that new, clean, green energy to the grid, which has replaced non-renewable energy. And we've done our bit for the planet.”


Tailored solutions, global impact

Customized modules solutions drive clean energy innovation

Meeting these challenges head on required the adoption of the Ansarada platform to accommodate the team’s complex document management and collaboration needs.

“When did I first come across Ansarada? Chandni, our head of legal decided she wanted to adopt the system, because she thought it was a much better system than anything else out in the market,” says Ian.

By tailoring Ansarada's modules to suit their specific requirements, Ian and his team were able to simplify the process and build strong relationships with each individual landowner and stakeholder through effective communication and engagement.

“Ansarada were willing to build modules that suited us, and anyone that we were dealing with found it easy to use. Island Green Power would have maybe forty or fifty individual companies - every project that we do is a standalone entity. It just made that work,” says Ian. 

The results

Transforming project management and creating connections with smart software

Since implementing Ansarada software, Island Green Power has improved efficiency in managing projects and legal agreements. Streamlined document management has led to time savings and positive feedback from users, helping strengthen those relationships.

“No one complained about it, and when there are no complaints about something, it’s working! So, you just thank your blessings that you've put in something the people that you're sharing with – and your customer effectively – the interaction that you have on it, they like it, and they find it easy to use, and it's taken up less people's time in here. That's what we like about [the software],” says Ian.

Island Green Power has turned their ability to connect with stakeholders into a key differentiator. They’ve built a successful track record in obtaining planning permissions and connecting projects to the grid.

“Why would you do business with Island Green Power? We’ve got excellent relationships with landowners that we are currently working at getting their projects into planning, landowners who have projects going back as far as 2014,” he says. 

“We get on with people. We've had a fantastic record with getting planning permission, for getting projects through the planning process, and then getting them constructed and connected to the grid. So, I'd say that would be our USP.”



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