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Like any entrepreneurial company that's built up over 21 years as we were, your processes and contracts and everything needed isn't necessarily up-to-date. What the platform allowed us to do is really modernize our documentation, ensure that we had all the relevant data in one place, ensuring that for Q and A that we were discoverable, and that we had a full audit trail.
Ken Sheargold, CEO, PM Partners

The path from acquisition to always on


Ken Sheargold, initially used Ansarada to facilitate the acquisition of PM-Partners, looking after the sell-side of the transaction. “We were a privately held company,” said Ken. “We wanted to extract value for the owners and that was an objective set as part of the strategy.”

Ken used the platform to simplify the preparation process, collaborate with advisors, and get a clear path forward with visibility over all the material information they had - and that which they still required.

Now, post-acquisition, PM-Partners use the platform in an always-on capacity, utilising pathways and scorecards to assess the business, assign owners to tasks, chart progress, and benchmark readiness for any material event such as buy-side targeted acquisitions and audits.

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