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Johan Holtzhausen is the CEO of PSG Capital in Africa with a passion for Deals and making fine wine. This is his story.

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There's many aspects to the Ansarada platform that are very positive. And I don't think there's a product that I've experienced in the market that is similar to that. There's competitors, but not a product of that stature.
Johan Holtzhausen, CEO, PSG Capital

PSG Capital

PSG Capital is a well established corporate finance house based in South Africa. PSG Capital started is in the business of providing value-added corporate finance advisory services in 1998. Today PSG Capital provide a complete suite of corporate finance and advisory services to a broad spectrum of clients including public and private companies, BEE and private equity houses, financial institutions, asset managers and hedge funds. PSG Capital employ a team of highly skilled professionals to meet thier clients unique business needs.

The story of CEO, Johan Holtzhausen.

Johan is an admitted attorney, a member of the Law Society, and a JSE approved executive with over 22 years of corporate finance experience. Before he joined PSG Capital, he was appointed by the Minister of Finance as a chairperson of the Special Income Tax Court for Gauteng. He has been involved with numerous listings, mergers and acquisitions, and prominent private equity and BEE transactions in South Africa and abroad.

Ansarada has been privileged to serve Johan with secure Transaction Management Technology and Board Management Technology for many years.



Finding your passion inside and outside of work

"I grew up in the Free State in the middle of South Africa, in Bloemfontein. I initially studied there, and then I went to Johannesburg to article, and about 22 years ago, I came down to Cape Town.

My passion has always been wine. You know, initially, as a Free Stater, you drink a little bit of sweet wine, but then you come down to the Western Cape.

I did a few wine courses at the Cape Wine Academy, and then I acquired my farm and developed it over time as a sideline.

Today, it's my passion, and you know you need that in a corporate world like this.

Otherwise, you will think these deals occupy your mind, and you need something to distract you and to be your passion apart from obviously your work.

We've got a fantastic business in PSG Capital because, from an advisory investment banking perspective, we cover all ranges - from mergers and acquisitions to disposals, to capital raisings, to listings, to restructuring to BEE transactions.

That is where Ansarada plays a key role, and that's on the due diligence side because there, that period is crucial.

The feedback even from our clients is fantastic; it's responsive, you can identify the participants, you can carve out the participants that you don't want to have access to certain information. Afterward, you could have a history printed of the transaction.

There are many aspects to the Ansarada platform that are very positive. And I don't think there's a product that I've experienced in the market similar to that. There are competitors, but not a product of that stature."

Ansarada is privileged to help provide PSG Capital with certainty and confidence through our Deals™ and Board™ products.

Deal of the Year Award Winner

Johan Holtzhausen and PSG Capital are recent winners of the Deal of the Year at the Dealmakers Awards in South Africa. The award is for the most successful deal from a value standpoint, Pepsico’s acquisition of Pioneer Foods, powered by the Ansarada platform.

Ansarada Winners Deal of Year

Winner of the Deal of the Year award was received by PSG Capital

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