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Rhipe is a cloud distributor that empowers businesses to create great services and solutions for end user clients.

It was definitely a two-way street, more of a collaboration; our team would get on and answer anything promptly and vice versa, the platform made everything smoother.
Maggie Niewidok, Legal Counsel, Rhipe

Cloud distribution company Rhipe recently completed a successful $8 million acquisition of Dynamic Business IT Solutions (DBITS).

The acquisition has enabled them to expand their geographical footprint further across the Asia-Pacific, and cement their position as a strategic distribution partner for Microsoft's most in-demand cloud products.

As a tech company, step one for Rhipe was ensuring that the platform could pass their rigorous security checks. “As you can understand, I’ve got some of the world’s best hackers sitting outside the door,” said Nikki, CEO of DBITS. “People pay us to hack their systems, so one of the best things I found was that this platform was totally safe.” 

“I would recommend it as a safe and secure platform; it’s very controlled regarding who can see and access information,” she said. “I was quite happy putting my information on there.”

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