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Legal and Industry Compliance Manager, Keri Hattingh has customized Ansarada Pathways to automate company-wide auditing, legal and compliance processes. Watch her story.

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Never before have I come across a tool that is so versatile and can be used by myself on a daily basis; it's become part of my life.
Keri Hattingh, Legal and Industry Compliance Manager , Travelstart

Keri Hattingh is Legal and Industry Compliance Manager for Travelstart, an online travel booking platform based in Cape Town with a huge vision.

“As far as we want to take things, sometimes the legal and compliance side of things can slide behind,” said Keri. “My biggest challenge was implementing structure into a space that previously didn't have the structure, and doing it in such a way that is still sensitive to people – it’s not overloading them with admin. And to make it in a way that it can still function and align with what's happening in the business, and not slow us down.”

Keri started using Ansarada for an M&A process, where she found she could easily upload documents in areas, track progress and ask live questions using the in-built Q&A functionality. “We found it shortened our DD time quite considerably,” she said.

It was during this process that Keri identified Ansarada as being able to do much more and explored customizing the platform to use it in other ways.

“I was able to adjust certain areas of questions that had been loaded across the group and use it as more of an internal database. It’s given us a lot of security around how our records are kept; we're in a better position than we used to be in when it comes to record keeping.

It means we have that reassurance that should we go into a different process – a funding round or another M&A transaction - we have the ability to simply able to go back and change the data room into something else."

"Quarterly, I give access to a specific list of stakeholders who are then required to compile a mini audit of their area of work - it's really created a sense of continuity and the percentage in that regard is a good indication of a health check on where we're at with that particular entity.”

“If you use it correctly, it creates huge efficiency, not only in my space but from feedback from other managers – they've enjoyed the serenity and a sense of calm the platform has brought to their space when it comes to compliance.”

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