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Waco International standardizes processes from IPO to audits for always-on deal readiness

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That for us is the attractiveness. It’s not just the deal readiness, but also having that comfort that your governance is good enough, and that you've got all the right documents in place – I suppose it helps you sleep at night knowing that you've got it all.

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Ansarada Pathways - the fastest and easiest way to any outcome

Get confidence from proven workflows, processes and best practices

  • Clear and comprehensive checklists of all the information you’ll need
  • Easily adapted, templated and can be reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction
  • Pathways are based on global best practice and benchmarked against 30,000+ previous deals

Always on, always confident

Eben was immediately excited about the framework the platform could provide with its Pathways, particularly in terms of best practice.

“The beauty of it is that – because of all the deals that Ansarada have done – you have a framework of what looks good, what should typically be in a data room, and what sort of company documentation you should have,” said Eben.
Pathways for specific events allow Waco to standardize and scale their processes using simple checklist functionality, giving them full confidence that everything is visible, and nothing has been missed.
“If you're CFO, you could look at a dashboard and see that a particular subsidiary doesn't have all the right company documentation,” said Eben. “It gives you a scoring on whether you’ve got the specific 20 or so documents that are needed.”
With readiness as an always-on state and all their data housed within the platform, Waco is prepared to jump on opportunities and protected from unexpected surprises.
“We should always be ready to sell,” said Eben. “When the business is doing well and if the market opportunity opens up, you should be able to complete your listing in around three months. The platform does that for you because, effectively, if your data readiness is there and you push a button and it goes into a data room, then you're comfortable that all the information is there.”

Eben Le Roux