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WhiteBox is a property firm that works in investment management and advisory within the commercial real estate sector.

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Having this platform gives us that professional edge; we’re doing more with less.

From readiness comes complete confidence

In Matt’s field of work, with projects ranging from a few months to five or more years, readiness is critical.
With all information housed in the platform, WhiteBox has already positioned each asset to add value, which means they can jump on opportunities even if they aren’t targeting to sell it.
“If you’ve got everything ready to go, you’re ready for an investor to come in right away,” said Matt. “It’s quicker, smoother, less risky and professionally packaged up for them.”
And that’s what empowers Matt to play on an equal playing field to such huge competitors. He’s able to stay lean, using Ansarada to support at the back end, while getting the clarity and security to facilitate much larger transactions.
“When you’re confident the information you’re providing is accurate, you’re able to play alongside those with many more resources at their disposal,” said Matt.