EDocument Security – Protect your clients’ IP

Safe by default

Set print, save and watermark settings in advance, then relax as these are automatically applied to documents added throughout the deal.

Expire saved documents

The power is in your hands. Let bidders temporarily save documents and take them back whenever you like. How? Security controls travel with documents and are verified in real-time every time they are accessed, even from a desktop.

Secure office

Your love affair with Excel doesn't need to end. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents open in their native programs like a regular file, but you stay in control. You can disable printing and copying, track views, expire documents – even hide formulas in an Excel file. Easy.

Simple to use

Apply detailed security with ease - by folder, document or bidder.


Security not frustration

Security without any plugins or extra software = no pain for anyone. Use our purpose-built online PDF viewer to preview secured PDF files directly inside your browser.

A smart safety check

A document security report is a fast way to check all settings are as exactly as you want them. Print or share the report with others on the deal team before you release information to bidders.

What can they view?

Take control and save time - never create another dummy user again. See document access from the perspective of any user with the exact watermark and security policy applied. Be confident that bidders can only see the documents they need and nothing more.

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