CQ&A – Remove risk and increase deal efficiency

Why run Q&A through your data room?

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Avoid the pain and risk of excel

Managing Q&A manually on spreadsheets and emails makes life harder. Watch the video for an overview of roles, best practice set-up and how Q&A can save time in your deal.

Easy collaboration

No need to learn a new tool, senior stakeholders can approve and answer questions from their email inbox while ansarada takes care of the single source of truth tracker, securely.

Bulk actions & editing

Save time and reduce the need for manual processes by editing, managing, disclosing and creating questions in bulk.

Simplify with subjects

Creating subjects for bidders to ask questions under gives you the ability to quickly sort, filter and track Q&A.

Set limits on questions

Uncover bidder’s genuine areas of interest by setting limits on high priority questions. Best of all turn off question submissions for the weekend to avoid a Monday morning stockpile.

Clear and simple roles

Assign Q&A roles up front to manage expectations and keep information flowing. Bidders ask questions; the sell side draft answers, approve and disclose them back. It’s that simple.

Auto save for Q&A content

Remain calm and confident while you work as we automatically save your Q&A content as you write it. If your session times out or you close your browser, your work will be there when you return.

Bottleneck management

Q&A reports highlight which questions are awaiting action, for how long and who is holding things up. You will also know when bidders have viewed answers to their questions.

Handy notifications

To keep things moving, whenever someone's action is required on Q&A an email with a handy link is sent to them.

Search and preview

Save time and be confident that you have found the right question with keyword search in Q&A. Question preview will help you find the exact question you are looking for, without the need to open every question or remember IDs.

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