DReporting – Stay one step ahead with insights

Make smart decisions with insights

Bidder activity contains valuable information you can use to your advantage. Find the facts behind the figures with our interactive reports.


Track activity outside your data room

You won't lose any valuable insights with ansarada, even if you let bidders bulk download and save documents. Reports include tracking on all PDF documents bidders view and print outside the data room.

Proof of disclosure

Satisfy any representations and warranties given to buyers on top of any internal or regulatory compliance requirements you may have.

Print & Excel friendly

Colour-coding, filters and freeze frames are already in place to save you time. Choose an analysing format for Excel or print friendly versions more suitable for meetings and presentations.

Stay one step ahead

Investigate every bidder action, even what they searched for. Uncover what they want, not just what they found.


Stay in the know with notifications

Remain calm and cut through the noise in your inbox. Choose how frequently you receive notifications when documents are updated in the data room. Feel empowered by keeping up-to-date on a schedule that suits you.

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