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Tech Startups: Uncover Market Secrets, Dive into Ansarada’s FY23 Deal Indicators Report

A rise in bankruptcies. M&A as a tool for transformation. Sustainability trends in deals. Changing VDR behaviours. Expanding deal durations. See what’s driving activity in our latest Deal Indicators report.

A sneak peak

Indicators insights reveal:

✅      New M&A deals decreased by 7% QoQ but increased by 10% compared to the same period last year. M&A deal volumes are stabilizing and returning to typical growth levels, though not yet at pre-pandemic levels.

✅      New capital raising activity increased by 15% QoQ and 2% YoY, showing signs of a turnaround after a slow start to 2023.

✅      New bankruptcy or insolvency transactions increased by 56% QoQ and 114% YoY, highlighting the pressure on companies to adapt and be more agile.

✅      New tech M&A deals increased by 11% this quarter, showing a bounce back after the slowdown. Generative AI is driving a buying spree among startups.

✅      Corporates have taken over legal and advisory roles for most data room logins, spending more time to validate decisions and feel confident in the cautious environment.

✅      And much, much more...

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