Top German Dealmakers' Predictions 2022

German M&A is booming - and there's more to come in 2022

We've partnered with Mergermarket to interview 50 dealmakers in Germany to gain their insights on what's next for M&A in the region.

What's inside the report:

Through a forward-looking survey of 50 respondents, this report considers the key themes that will shape M&A activity in Germany over the next 12 months.

✅      M&A activity post-COVID

✅      Spotlight on Private Equity

✅      M&A activity by industry

✅      Distressed M&A by sector

✅      Predicting market activity

✅      SPAC activity set to increase

✅      Spotlight on ESG

✅      M&A challenges, opportunities and drivers

✅      Rising M&A valuations

✅      Focus on technology