Leading dealmakers' perspectives

M&A Global Predictions: Accelerating into 2021

In partnership with Mergermarket, we interviewed M&A experts in the Americas and APAC and conducted a survey of 50 leading dealmakers across Europe to round out a diverse perspective on what could lay ahead.

What's inside:

The spirit that will define 2021: Top global dealmakers will cultivate resilience, readiness and transformation.

✅      Americas M&A market: Adapting to change

✅      Bridging the divide with technology

✅      Australian M&A market: Insight amid uncertainty

✅      The state of play in M&A

✅      Overcoming M&A hurdles with technology

✅      At a glance: 50 dealmakers' predictions

✅      M&A outlook: Hope on the horizon

✅      PE lessons

✅      Distressed deals on the rise

✅      Getting deals done in the age of COVID-19

✅      Reasons to be cheerful