Customer Showcase

Operational Resilience in Action: Ansarada's Module Walkthrough

Join Co-founder & Head of GRC/ESG, Rachel Riley, and Head of Product - GRC/ESG, Priyal Bhosale, for a live customer showcase on October 11, 2023, at 11:00am AEST. Join us for a practical walkthrough showcasing how Ansarada's Operational Resilience module can transform your operations.

Wednesday 11 October at 11:00am AEST

You will learn how to leverage Ansarada GRC to:

Stage 1: Identify your critical operations
We'll show you how to utilise Ansarada GRC to seamlessly identify and manage critical operations by creating a centralised register, assigning priorities, linking services across the GRC system, and ensuring adaptability to disruptions with alternate processes and resources.

Stage 2: Setting Impact Tolerances
How to leverage Ansarada GRC to establish clear impact tolerances, differentiating between 'inconvenience' and 'intolerable harm,' using the Impact Time Matrix to measure downtime impact, implementing controls for maintaining operations within tolerances, and confidently demonstrating compliance to APRA. Subsequently, conduct routine scenario testing to fine-tune and calibrate impact tolerances.

Stage 3: Conduct Scenario Testing
Streamlining scenario testing with access to a comprehensive library of suggested scenarios, guided tests set up at your fingertips, real-time visibility into test results against impact tolerances, measurement of tolerance duration, ensuring recovery within acceptable levels, and maintaining a meticulous audit trail of all scenario tests within the centralised platform, including results, completed tests, and approved tests.

Stage 4: Elevate your monitoring and reporting (coming soon)
Look at how Ansarada GRC will empower to develop and maintain effective monitoring, analysis, and reporting for operational risks and incident escalation. Soon, align with APRA reporting standards, generate professional executive and Board reports for organisational visibility, and offer APRA and auditors a transparent, holistic view of your critical operations, along with the mapped processes and resources.