An easy-to-use solution that provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance.An easy-to-use solution that provides a comprehensive integrated approach to governance, risk and compliance.

Stay ahead of regulations with our all-in-one Governance, Risk, and Compliance Platform

We can help you formalize and embed a robust Governance, Risk, and Compliance culture and framework into your organization with our end-to-end GRC system.

From messy to magic, we bring unmatched order to your organization so you can confidently achieve compliance, navigate risk and demonstrate integrity.

We help risk professionals excel. Without Excel.

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What is GRC software?

What is GRC software?

GRC software brings your end-to-end GRC framework into one dedicated and automated system, so you can get certainty, confidence and a full audit trail to prove compliance at every step of the way.

Eliminating much of the risk associated with manual or disparate systems, a comprehensive GRC platform allows for a consistent and simplified approach to meeting all your governance, risk and compliance requirements through the aid of digitization, automation and intelligent reporting.

The best GRC software is one that gives you total transparency and control over your information in simple dashboards, with integrated modules that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your organization.

Why do I need a GRC solution?

Why do I need a GRC solution?

Most organizations still use manual processes and spreadsheets to capture, manage, and report corporate compliance, risk management, and regulatory change across the business. 

These static spreadsheets quickly fall apart when it comes to managing and tracking all the complex governance, risk and compliance efforts within an organization.

In an environment where regulators expect licensees to embed compliance and risk management within their businesses, with increased interest in ESG, operational resilience, conduct risk, financial crime, data protection and more, such an approach is fraught with risk. Spreadsheets are not databases, nor do they provide the audit trail of change required to evidence requirements for regulatory compliance. 

With increasing levels of enforcement, the risks of non-compliance to your bottom line and reputation are greater than ever. GRC tools help you in managing risks and compliance. 

Introducing Ansarada GRC

Ansarada GRC is a leading GRC solution that helps organizations of all sizes - from 10-person startups to 10,000 employee corporations - manage GRC more effectively. It's a long-term, user-friendly solution designed to adapt and scale based on the growth of your organization and your evolving GRC program. 

An audit is one of the most thorough risk and opportunity assessments your company will go through. Such rigorous assessment requires a huge amount of work; work that is often manual, repetitive and time consuming.

Despite being a structured process that never comes by surprise, your annual audit is frequently a major business challenge that puts a strain on resources, time and BAU.

With Ansarada GRC, you can easily identify audit and compliance risks, and streamline the evaluation and verification process for the most secure and efficient audit.

Learn more about Audit Management here.

ESG is a huge topic of interest amid the current climate predicament. Regulators and investors are increasingly rewarding ESG-focused businesses and penalizing those who do not meet ESG compliance standards.

In order to generate positive, measurable ESG impact, companies today need to regularly evaluate and review their processes in order to improve environmental performance and bring their organization in line with a sustainable future.

With Ansarada GRC’s ESG solution, you can be proactive in identifying potential issues and staying within environmental, social and governance compliance standards. By integrating the risk module with the rest of your key metrics, controls and policies, you can maintain your ESG framework in an always-on, forward-facing dashboard so you are always aware of and prepared to eliminate risk.

Learn more about Environmental Management Systems here.

Operational resilience is a critical component of modern day GRC. Being able to respond quickly and effectively to disruption that could impact business operations is what separates strong companies from the fragile.
Ansarada GRC’s Operational Resilience solution brings all of these interconnected elements into one simple dashboard, so you can make fast, real-time decisions and pivot on operational practices when required.
Horizon scanning technology gives you the advantage of being the first to know about regulatory changes, with your framework automatically updated and notifications sent, so incident management can occur swiftly with any requirements actioned and evidenced.

Learn more about our Operational Resilience software here.

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The benefits of a total GRC solution for audits, risk and compliance

Get the competitive advantage of greater governance. Ansarada GRC offers a consistent approach to GRC management, continuity of knowledge and standards, and simplified reporting across all areas of governance, risk and compliance.

Centralize and streamline

Centralize and streamline

  • Centralize and streamline all your GRC requirements and execute your corporate governance programs with clarity, certainty and control
  • Effectively oversee the real world, day-to-day, application of GRC frameworks
  • Flexible task automation ensures teams are accountable and all the bases are covered 
  • Link anything with anything; connect all the data points within your entire organization to see real-time risk impact across all areas
Stay ahead of regulatory change

Stay ahead of regulatory change

  • Stay on top of changing regulatory standards and corporate compliance requirements with horizon scanning technology
  • Know when regulatory changes are made, with impacted legislations updated in the system automatically
  • Be notified to take action and prove you have made necessary changes
Prove compliance at every step

Prove compliance at every step

  • Provide solid and tangible evidence of strong risk management and governance control
  • Remain compliant through visibility, accountability, and intelligent reporting
  • Ensure your view of risk is real time, real world and accurate
  • We have demonstrated our commitment and credentials to the financial sector and have achieved Hellios FSQS certification.
Work agile

Work agile

  • Eliminate the risk and manual error associated with spreadsheets and semi-automated systems
  • Be armed with all the information you need to make fast, effective decisions
  • Unlock new efficiencies by centralizing all your GRC frameworks in one place
As part of our growth and operational resilience improvement strategy, we will be upgrading our risk and compliance processes, workflow and reporting with the implementation of a new GRC system. Ansarada GRC will provide us with a long term solution that can adapt and scale based on our growth and evolving GRC requirements.
Nicola Walker, Chief Risk Officer , Melton Business Society

The complete Operational Resilience Solution

Learn more about how Ansarada GRC can help manage your operational resilience requirements.
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Integrated GRC modules

With over 10 integrated and easy-to-use modules, you can centralize and streamline all of your GRC, contractual and third-party attestation requirements.


Effortlessly record and manage registers across your organization


Maintain version control, manage attestations and centralize access to all your policies and procedures


Track incidents, breaches, and key business events that may impact your risk or compliance obligations

Key metrics

Manage and report on metrics by individual record, by module and across the entire organization


Effectively manage contract terms, renewal dates, SLAs and responsibilities

3rd party attestations

Streamline governance requirements with contracted 3rd parties including brokers, suppliers and subcontractors


Link specific risk controls into aggregated, higher-level controls for board and senior management insight


Fully integrated management of your regulatory, legislative and operational compliance requirements

Simply Asset Finance appointed Ansarada GRC

Simply and Ansarada

Enabling data driven compliance

Alan Sheahan, Head of Governance at Simply, UK said: Simply is fast growing and ambitious. With the Ansarada GRC solution, we have a technology-enabled and data driven compliance function that allows us to focus our efforts on doing the right thing. The transparency we get from the reporting capabilities allows us to drive higher quality in all aspects of compliance and add true value to customers and stakeholders.  

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Andrea Ong, Head of GRC is driven by bringing order to GRC processes.


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