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More than a virtual data room: Prepare, manage and close deals efficiently with a centralized, end-to-end transaction management solution

Drive deal efficiency with AI tools for deal preparation and execution​

Increase productivity, serve more clients and set your law firm apart

Eliminate bill shock with no surprises unlimited user plans

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There's a new standard for M&A legal teams

Speed up end-to-end M&A processes with the most advanced SaaS platform for law firms

AI-powered Virtual Data Rooms

Industry-first AI tools to automate workflow and deliver intelligent reporting into bidder motives and behaviour

Simple SaaS pricing

Flexible monthly or annual plans that all come with free unlimited users

Experts on call 24/7

Data room software that comes with award winning round-the-clock support and customer success management

Amplify your expertise

Serve and delight companies earlier in their lifecycle and accelerate deal preparation

Fuel momentum

Collaborative workflow tools, notifications and excel integration for efficient project management and elimination of bottlenecks

Trust & security

Granular control over access, printing and saving. Track and self destruct files anytime, anywhere

Bulk AI-redaction

Redact 500+ documents with 30+ custom search terms simultaneously, shaving hours off your deal preparation time 

Who we serve

Diving into Deals: Hall & Wilcox 90 Data Room Dash

The story of Ed Paton, Partner at Australia's leading independent law firm Hall & Wilcox


M&A lawyers use Ansarada for the complete deal lifecycle

Corporate law firms are shifting from legacy data rooms, to our powerful SaaS platform designed around end-to-end deal workflow


Safe, trusted and powered by AI tech

Use AI tools trained on thousands of deals to turbocharge yours with the only Virtual Data Room that will give you the analytics, data and insights to run a high performance deal. Manage risks with over 110 ISO 27001 certified security controls to protect your outcome, connect, collaborate, securely disclose and track information.


Prepare with deal workflow tools

Boost productivity and standardize your deal workflow including free access and use of industry best-practice deal checklists and guidance content. Use collaboration tools designed to achieve and track progress to deal outcomes


Seamlessly redact 500+ documents at once

Bulk AI-redaction

  • Elect 30+ customizable search terms to redact at once. There's no limit to how many search terms you can use in your room.  
  • Automated PII and AI pattern recognition 
  • Best-in-class OCR and AI that begins scanning your documents as soon as they are in your document index, not just when you’re ready to redact 
  • Preview, modify and confirm suggested automated redaction edits 
  • Choose whether to save over your original files, or make new copies
  • Receive an excel report detailing the redaction edits that were made 
  • Un-redaction is as simple and quick as unticking a box 
Bidder Engagement

Use AI to predict the outcome of your deal with 97% probability

Back up your gut instinct with data and predict the outcome of a transaction with certainty. Know what your next move should be with the Bidder Engagement Score, which reaches up to 97% accuracy by day 7, trained on 23,000+ deals. AI predictive analytics equals better decision making and more successful strategies.

gantt chart

High-impact client relationship management

Bring organization, efficiency and scalability to your matters by enabling all of your clients to drive their workflow through to outcome. Provide clients a single deal dash to track progress at a glance and be notified when your action and attention is required.

Q&A management

Save hours per deal

Assign clear roles and accountability and use threaded commenting to clarify areas of concern. Easily set single Q&A strings of communication, set limits on questions volume and frequency, divert questions directly to the right team automatically, without manual assignment and get a full audit trail of all Q&A content, roles, permissions, workflow history and more.

With Ansarada, we have increased our efficiency, security and control over projects, all of which ultimately benefits our clients.
Peter Westerveld, CIO, Minter Ellison

Safer, smarter and faster M&A technology

Digitized checklists, easy-to-use preparation tools and Data Rooms, even for first-timer clients.


When you have the tools you need, you get your clients better outcomes

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Unlimited users, unlimited possibilities

Advisors can now count on Ansarada as an essential tool for total transaction management across the complete deal lifecycle - from marketing to preparation to execution and post-deal integration. The new Deal Workflow tool will keep all team members working cohesively and strategically, which is why we’ve enabled our pricing to include unlimited users. Now you can invite as many users as you like.
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