High visibility, low touch portfolio management

Set an outcome for portfolio companies and set them up for success with the Material Information Platform. It’s a simple and efficient way to unlock, raise and protect your portfolio companies' potential.

Enjoy low touch interaction with management teams and a 360 degree view of your pipeline - from coffee with a prospect to closing off an exit. Its AI-powered features reveal risks and opportunities, letting you always be aware and ready to make the right choices - ultimately, leading to better business, better returns and better deals.

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Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

  • Scorecards: Identify and connect with prospects, and grow portfolio company potential
  • Dashboards: Get visibility over your investment pipeline
  • Document collaboration and verification: AI features enable you to navigate and analyze critical information securely and in an instant
  • Content library: A repository of best practice content helps you develop key areas of business where gaps are identified, elevating knowledge and creating a sense of urgency to improve

Better insights, better decisions

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the platform uncovers learnings based on the data-driven insights of more than 20,000 material events, enabling you to assess prospects and potential investment opportunities with confidence.

Smart is good, ready is better

With the ability to generate insights, accelerate deals and provide an accurate, real-time view of where things stand in the lifecycle of each company, the platform helps you reduce risks, accelerate material events and deliver value more quickly than ever.

See more data, seal more deals

Connect to prospects at scale and gain an edge with customisable score-carded insights that let you display your knowledge and expertise. Add more value to company owners from the beginning of your relationship, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Set the score, see the progress

Get score-carded visibility over the processes, metrics and documents in your portfolio companies. Use dashboards to manage your priorities and eliminate time wasted switching between systems, spreadsheets and emails looking for answers. From audits to exits, the platform structures and simplifies the process for portfolio companies and advisors in preparing and executing material events.

Be ready to seize your next opportunity

Our Material Information Platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking.


This is transformational in how deals will be done.

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform   

Introducing the world's first Material Information Platform