Powerful All-female Panel

Deal trends driving EMEA activity in 2023

Market Indicators Webinar


Join our fantastic panel of female speakers to discuss Ansarada’s latest Deal Indicators data and the ESG trends we can expect to see impacting female dealmakers and gender equity this year.

The live virtual event will cover the leading data room indicators, M&A trends and concerns, the growing importance of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) in deals, the role of technology, and the movement toward true gender equity. 


Margot Snoeck, Corporate Finance Manager - Deloitte Belgium
Maria Fujkova, M&A Manager - PwC Austria
Meshkaya Pillay, Investment Banking Director - ABSA South Africa
Gabi Olson-Welsh, Partner - Keystone Law United Kingdom

Deal Indicators Report

Ansarada's Deal Indicators Report was created to help our customers get value out of all the data we collect through our data rooms. By ordering tens of thousands of anonymized data points, including from active and ongoing deals, we can point to valuable insights six to twelve months before the rest of the market.