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    Unlocking Business Potential – Today And For Tomorrow

    At ansarada, we’re delighted to be recognized in the Top 20 Businesses of Tomorrow by Westpac, Australia’s first and oldest financial institution. Ranked in the top 200 businesses awarded as drivers of the new economy, we’re joined by the best of these in the Top 20, chosen based on their ability to unlock the nation’s economic potential. “ansarada’s dedication to...

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    Introducing Bulk Upload Questions: The Easy Way to Ask

    From conversations with our customers, as well as the all data we analysed from the 10,000+ deals we’ve completed, we have learnt just how intense the Q&A process in due diligence can be. Based on feedback from dealmakers, we put our entire Q&A processes under the microscope to find the best way to save ansarada virtual data room users time...

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    Soft pedal software

    ansarada leads the feature story in the December edition of Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Journal. Here’s Managing Editor Adrian Herbert’s piece on us. US investment has helped several Australian software companies write international success stories but others are quietly writing their own, some, without any venture capital.   As online data-rooms have become standard M&A tools, ansarada has...

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    What A Trump Presidency Means For The Deal Market

    What Donald Trump may do as the 45th president of the United States is unknown. Trump’s transition team has yet to release any policy priorities. Trump talked in very general terms during the election campaign about lowering taxes, getting manufacturing jobs back to the US and getting government out of business. Still, Trump may take a sledgehammer, in the form...

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    The Competitive Bid Process – A Lawyer’s Perspective

    Warren Davis, partner at Kardos Scanlan in Sydney, has been using ansarada data rooms for a decade. He explains why it’s “the best tool in a competitive bid scenario.” “One of the best things about the ansarada tool is you get to choose who sees a particular document, and then you can actually see when they’ve seen it, for how...

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    Using M&A Insurance: The How & Why

    M&A insurance provides an ability for a buyer or seller to reduce their exposure to claims against the representations and warranties contained in the sale documentation. Along with the record M&A deal flow that occurred last year, came a record number of M&A insurance policies being sold as stakeholders sought out protection from unknowns. Around one in seven M&A deals...

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    When Selling Your Business, First Impressions Count

    Potential buyers of your business form an instant impression based on how well structured your key information is, CEO Sam Riley wrote in this piece published in London’s City AM recently. First impressions matter. And if you’re entering into negotiations with potential buyers of your company, then a strong initial impression can be established through the layout and organisation of...

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    Know Your Buyer: Strategic Versus Financial

    So you’re planning to sell your business. Are you looking to attract financial or strategic buyers? Which would be better for your business? Understanding the key differences will help you make the right decision. “If you’re a seller you want to know whether or not you are trying to angle your sale to a financial purchaser or a strategic buyer,” says...

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    Sell Side Benefits Of Using Ansarada

    Whether you’re advising or being advised, working on the sell side of a deal is trying and stressful. For CFOs, CEOs and Business Owners, the potential change in ownership structure – be it IPO, capital raising or sale – brings with it an intense level of scrutiny, a demand for an entirely new skill set, pressure, and a large increase...

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    The Thinking Behind The World’s Most Advanced Deals Interface

    It’s our job to make your life easier on every deal. By designing the data room to minimise friction and complexity we continue to reach for an experience with zero stress, zero frustration and zero delays. Matt Brown our Chief Product Officer, on why design and simplicity matters in deals says “business software should be as easy and delightful to use...

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