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    Technology, business being disrupted, why not deal making?

    It’s a cliché to say that technology and business are constantly changing. Still, look around you. Take money and telecommunications for instance. Since 1900, money has gone from clunky notes and coins that you needed to store in a bulging wallet that took up far too much space – not to mention making you paranoid about loss or theft –...

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    Say hello to AiDA, the Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant

    The first AI powered addition to your deal team Gone are the days of racing back to the office at 10pm (or sending an analyst) to pull a report from your deal room and provide an update to your client on the status. Ansarada has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create the world’s first...

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    We do Archives

    Sounds boring doesn’t it? But archives are crucial. Why? You need a comprehensive, detailed archive in order to get regulatory sign off for your deal once it is completed. Without an archive, your transaction may not receive the necessary government clearance. Typically, the winning bidder in a M&A deal gets a copy of all data room activity. But increasingly those...

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    Ansarada wins 6th Best Places To Work award

    For the sixth year Ansarada has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Australia. In 2017 Ansarada placed 14th among companies with between 100 and 999 employees. “Creating a great work place can produce superior business performance,” says the Great Place to Work. “We have seen how evaluating your company’s performance against that of the best can...

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    ModelOff, Excel and pivot tables jokes

    The United States of America is home to the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building and the tallest roller coaster in the world. But when it comes to financial modeling only 1 American, Albert Chu of telematics company Masternaut, is ranked in the top 10, according to ModelOff. Australia has 2 people ranked in the top 10, including 2015 and...

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    How Ansarada took the pain of Q&A out of an advisor’s life

    For Adam Copolov, an analyst at the independent advisory firm Miles Advisory Partners, Ansarada’s Q&A takes much of the pain out of the due diligence process. Up to 70% of Due Diligence time can be spent running Q&A through email and spreadsheets. Adam says Ansarada’s Q&A tool has eliminated a formerly messy and inefficient process. Duplicate work is eliminated and...

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    Future deal making: Goldman Sachs’s secret sauce and how you can get it too

      “Nowadays, we think the ‘secret sauce’ in investment banking is one part data scientist, one part application developer and one part banker.” Richard Rivero, investment banking division, Goldman Sachs. I couldn’t agree more with Richard on what the investment banker of the future looks like, a view that was reinforced after a 9-city, 3-continent trip. If you’re not Goldman...

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    Defining the future investment banker

    What does the future investment banker look like? Goldman Sachs’ Richard Rivero, the global head of a group of engineers that work in the investment banking unit of the Wall Street firm, reckons he knows what the “secret sauce” to a successful investment banking career is; at least at his firm. Mr. Rivero, whose engineers use quantitative frameworks to advise clients across...

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    Ansarada product updates to give you an advantage on every deal

    Ansarada is constantly innovating to improve the experience and performance of your deal. Here are 7 Ansarada product innovations that will help you do deals better and speed your transaction to a successful conclusion: Admins are now able to create their own Archive links in the deal room, zero stress, zero delays. No more waiting around for a USB to arrive,...

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    Super Bowl of financial modeling to kick off in September

    Can anyone beat “Fine Wine” in the Super Bowl of financial modeling? Joseph Lau, director, project finance modeling at Commonwealth Bank of Australia and nicknamed “Fine Wine,” is the current world champion of ModelOff, the world’s largest Microsoft Excel, financial modeling, financial and investment analysis competition. It attracts thousands from more than 100 countries. Mr. Lau’s nickname is the result...

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