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How our pricing works

Deals are complex enough without the added stress of wondering whether your budget’s going to cover the process.

Other data room providers charge by the document or megabyte, which forces you to guess. That’s what leads to bill shock and broken client trust.

Our new pricing model is guaranteed to make life easier – for you and your clients.


Here’s how it works

First, choose your tier. The tier you fall into depends on how many people are on your deal team.

  • Small team: 1-5 people
  • Mid-size team: 6-15 people
  • Large team: Unlimited people


Then, choose your subscription plan. Select a plan with the features you need for your deal type or use case.

  • Our 90degree plan gives you all the essentials for business improvement and executing small, simple transactions, like audits or small asset sales.
  • Our 180degree plan is best for preparing and executing high-performance deals. With advanced security controls and AI features, we recommend this plan for maximizing value in transactions like M&A deals, IPOs or exits.
  • Our 360degree plan is best for delivering unrivalled performance and critical transaction outcomes. With a dedicated customer success manager and advanced due diligence engine, this is our no-compromise plan for large and complex events like tenders and larger M&A deals or exits.


All of our plans provide you with unlimited data and access to the platform for 12 months so you can know where business stands now, and raise its potential for the next event.


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