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Identify critical operations, set impact tolerances, test scenarios, and map resilience in a simplified dashboard view with Ansarada GRC.

Identify and manage your most critical operations and map process flows & dependencies

Make informed real-time decisions to respond quickly and well to disruption

Confidently meet regulatory compliance standards for operational resilience

I need to comply with...

PS21/3 Building Operational Resilience
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
CPS 230 Operational Risk Management
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
What is an Operational Resilience framework?

Disruption is inevitable

Multimillion dollar data breaches. Pandemics. Devastating weather events. Geopolitical conflict. Climate change. Cybersecurity & economic disruptions... to name a few.

It’s not a case of ‘if’ disruption might happen, but when. And most companies simply aren’t prepared. Data from BCG shows that only 10% are resilient and thriving.
When any disruption occurs that impacts operations, your company must be able to respond quickly and well. You may have to accelerate digital transformation, make real-time decisions, and pivot your operational practices rapidly.
This is Operational Resilience. It’s critical for all businesses, and it’s a critical component of a modern GRC framework.

Who is Operational Resilience relevant for?

Who is Operational Resilience relevant for?

Operational resilience is relevant and important to every business, regardless of your company size or industry. While larger organizations typically have more resources to invest in resilience, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are equally vulnerable to disruptions.

Similarly, any organization that relies on external suppliers, partners, or vendors must consider operational resilience, as disruptions in their supply chain or service providers can affect their operations.
Operational resilience has particular importance for Financial Services firms, which are highly regulated and face significant operational risks. 

Ansarada GRC for Operational Resilience

There's only so far spreadsheets can take you when it comes to building operational resilience. Manage current and future risk with purpose-built software.

Important Business Services

Clear and easily accessible list of important business services

Automated reviews

Automatic creation, allocation and notification of scheduled reviews

Respond quickly to changes

Adhoc reviews resulting from a material change to your business

Map to 3rd parties

Mapping to 3rd parties to show relationship considerations

Easy-to-use dashboards

BI Dashboards for high level analysis

Scenario testing

Scenario testing, recording findings and resolutions

Build a resilient organization

Ansarada GRC delivers a world-first Operational Resilience solution with modules designed to help you ensure you are operating within acceptable impact tolerances.

Important Business Services Register

Identify and manage critical operations & process flows

Start by pinpointing your crucial operations and the resources supporting them. 

Ansarada GRC helps you:

  • Create a central list of essential services.
  • Assign responsibility and prioritize them.
  • Connect these services to other records in the system, like third-party links, risks, and events.
  • Ensure that the resources needed for key operations can adapt during disruptions.
Be confident you are within acceptable impact tolerances

Set impact tolerances to ensure operations stay on track

Define acceptable levels of disruption and ensure your critical operations always stay within these limits.

Ansarada GRC allows you to:

  • Set tolerance levels for processes and resources.
  • Differentiate between minor inconveniences and unacceptable harm.
  • Implement controls and safeguards for testing and managing potential shocks.
  • Keep operations within tolerance levels and inform your team if you're within acceptable limits.
Scenario testing

Put real-world disruptions to the test

You'll be able to use the platform to conduct robust scenario testing, which is vital for ensuring operational resilience.

Coming soon to Ansarada GRC:

  • Access to an AI-powered library of suggested scenarios.
  • Easy setup for guided scenario tests.
  • Clear results compared to your impact tolerances.
  • Measurement of tolerance over specific timeframes.
  • Detailed tracking of all scenario tests in one place.
Third-party providers

Manage risks associated with third-party providers

Keep track of third-party resources and reduce associated risks.

Ansarada GRC helps you:

  • Identify third-party resources supporting your operations.
  • Maintain a register of material service providers and their contracts.
  • Conduct due diligence and attestations with service providers.
  • Manage financial and non-financial risks by linking contracts with compliance records.
  • Test resources managed by service providers with integrated scenario testing.

Be prepared for disruption

Connect data points across your entire organization to eliminate risk silos and improve organization-wide resilience with Ansarada GRC.
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