Bring order to insolvency chaos

Learn how to prepare, launch and close an insolvency deal with Beth & Maisha.


When a company moves into a state of insolvency or restructuring, you have to move quickly and efficiently to get the job done. In this webinar, join Ansarada Experts, Maisha Shareef and Beth Wheddon to bring order to insolvency chaos - under time pressure. 

Learn how to: 
- Have total control over information from day one of client engagement
- Combat the pressue to get started, with instant access into a VDR
- Avoid using unsecure tools built for different purposes and learn how to use technology to impress your clients 

About Beth:
Beth works with investment banks, corporate finance teams and accounting firms in the UK’s financial sector, helping clients take a centralized and coordinated approach to managing transactions.

About Maisha: 
Maisha supports clients from the Big 4 accounting firms, using her expertise to help customers all over the UK turn opportunities into winning outcomes.