COO - Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs

Ep #18: Akila Raman-Vaseghi

In episode eighteen, we stop in New York. Dhani Jones sits down with Akila Raman-Vaseghi, the COO of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, to discuss how technology and automation can be used to streamline workflow and relieve stress for employees.

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Akila Raman-Vaseghi
If we could spend a little bit more time thinking about the out of the box idea or the really creative derivative and hedge, and a little less time thinking about making something that's very standard that other banks can produce, then we're going to start getting into the right place.
Akila Raman-Vaseghi, COO - Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs

Akila Raman-Vaseghi's experience

Akila Raman-Vaseghi

Modern Dealmaker & Workflow Streamliner

Akila Raman-Vaseghi is COO of the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs and specializes in risk management. She runs operational strategy for the global investment bank, and is currently focused on international expansion and growth in new products like Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance.

  • Chief Operating Officer - Investment Banking Division, Goldman Sachs
  • Chief Operating Officer - Global Financing Group, Goldman Sachs
  • Partner, Goldman Sachs
  • Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
  • Vice President - Investment Banking Division & Corporate Risk Management, Goldman Sachs
  • Board of Directors, New York City Center
  • Board of Directors, Generation W
  • Operating Board Member, Pursuit
  • A.B. in Politics and Certificate in Finance from Princeton University

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