Managing Director - Corporate Development, Riskalyze

Ep #22: Clifton Schaller

In episode twenty two, we stop in Toronto. Dhani Jones speaks with Clifton Schaller, Managing Director of Corporate Development at Riskalyze, who shares his passion for corporate development and building a team around his strengths.

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Investment Management, Financial Services, Financial technology
Clifton Schaller
One of the hardest things on the technology piece is just good data. There's so much data out there, and how accurate the data is. I tend to take the approach that the best way to get information about a prospective partnership or acquisition is to really just go meet the person.
Clifton Schaller, Managing Director - Corporate Development, Riskalyze

Clifton Schaller's experience

Clifton Schaller

Modern Dealmaker & Growth Agent

Clifton Schaller is a corporate development expert who's passionate about finding value in crowded marketplaces and empowering growth. He applies leadership skills to connect cultural and financial information for future optimization. Outside of work, he mentors his local youth community, advocates for safer ride sharing, and enjoys learning about his Mediterranean heritage over an espresso or mint tea.

  • Managing Director - Corporate Development, Riskalyze
  • Manager - Product Growth, Morningstar
  • Co-founder, Think-Tank Seattle
  • B.S. from Southern Adventist Univsersity, M.A. in Economics from Universitá di Bologna

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The role of tech in researching prospective partnerships


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