Ansarada’s security controls give us the confidence that we are operating our transactions in complete safety. The service helps us drive competition, and ultimately gain the best possible result for the sale and our client." Craig Harley

Ansarada Data Rooms pair a powerful, secure way to run your transactions with world-first artificial intelligence data-driven insights

The best advisors use the smartest rooms

Analyzing bidder behaviours and engagement and simplifying your deal workflow, Ansarada’s Data Rooms deliver you exceptional deal outcomes.

  • Join the ranks of elite dealmakers by harnessing the machine learning power of the world’s most innovative Data Room to make your deals smarter, faster and easier
  • Our Data Rooms have helped close over 20,000 successful deals worth more than $1 trillion
  • Explore our sophisticated deal performance features below, including the Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant(AiDA), the world's first interactive deal assistant
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AI-driven Innovations

Intelligent Deal Assistant

AiDA is a revolutionary addition to your team. It’s an interactive assistant that gives you immediate answers to your most pressing questions during an event.

AiQ Bidder Engagement Score

Use artificial intelligence to predict the likelihood of bidders reaching negotiations during a deal, so you can focus on winning business, closing transactions and maximizing client value.

What does an AI powered deal look like?

We’ve kept our sights focused on the future of deal making, and especially on the influence that new technologies will have on the industry.

Core data room features

Powerfully secure

Simple document management for admins & ISO 27001 Certification keeps your intelligence safe.

Blazing speed

High-speed bulk actions power swift decision-making and execution.

Seamless Q&A

Keep due diligence in your data room with your material information for faster answers & painless Q&A tracking.

Set up in a flash

An easy-to-use intuitive interface lets you set up your data room just the way you like it & manage users fast.

24/7 support

Get expert advice & help anytime you need it from a team with more than 20,000 deals under their belts.

Straightforward pricing

Pay for what you need. With no lock in, no risk & no hidden fees, there’s no nasty surprises either.

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