Ansarada has an extensive track record on some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects

We know tenders

Complex, high value, infrastructure tenders are among the most high-risk processes a government will undertake. As such, they need a purpose-built software solution that addresses all the specific requirements for both public and private sectors.

Ansarada is a leading provider of Data Rooms catered to tendering, with a wealth of first-hand experience with governments and the private sector globally.

Watch the video to find out why your next infrastructure project needs a Data Room that’s built for the job.


Your complete guide to tenders

With so much at stake, it’s not surprising that taxpayers demand efficiency, transparency and fairness from tendering processes. After all, the projects can cost from millions to billions of dollars to complete.

In this guide, we look at the gaps that exist in the current processes, and what best practice for tender management looks like. We’ll also show you how the right tool for the job can make the entire process run quickly, smoothly, and without the risk. Download guide

Key Platform Features

Ease of Access & Use

Zero plugins, a highly intuitive interface and knowledgeable 24/7 help, ensures that all users are up and running in no time

Security on Confidential Data

You confidential data is secure and trackable regardless of location, and can be ‘self destructed’ at anytime

Integrated Q&A - Designed for Tenders

Maintain control over your tender process. Clarifications or RFIs can go both ways, which is why we've developed a purpose-built two-way Q&A for tenders. Ask bid teams questions and reply to theirs - all in one safe space.

Audit Trails Automated

All document and RFI/Q&A activity is tracked in and out of the room, with legal grade audit trails available at the touch of a button and a full free archive of the tender delivered at the end of the process

The Data Room that caters to complex Tenders

Find out why Ansarada’s tendering solution is one of a kind

Complex, high-value, high-profile government tenders are politically sensitive and require careful management. A well-run process reduces risk, ensures fairness, improves efficiency and keeps bidder engagement and interaction high.

Download our complete guide to tenders to find out why Ansarada is uniquely placed to ensure the success of any tendering process

It’s time to stop risking legacy systems

Your organization’s reputation and success are not worth the risk

Tenders and other large-scale projects require a safe and efficient way to manage the sheer volume of confidential information and complex questions that you can expect. That’s where an Ansarada Data Room comes in.

To date, we’ve helped governments facilitate over $300b worth of major infrastructure projects across roads, public transport, ITC, health, education, social housing, prisons, ports, and utilities sectors, on processes ranging from the tens of millions to tens of billions of pounds in value.

To learn more about what an Ansarada Data Room can do to make your next major project run as safe and efficiently as possible, get in touch with our Sales team.

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