High performance tender management

Legacy systems and outdated methodologies are putting the success of your tender at risk.

Complex, high value, infrastructure tenders are among the riskiest processes a government or large corporates can undertake. As such, they need a purpose-built software solution that addresses all the specific requirements in the one place.

That’s where the Ansarada Tender Platform comes in.

With a wealth of first-hand experience globally, and an extensive track record on some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects, Ansarada is a leading provider of cloud solutions catered to tendering.

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High value, high profile, complex tenders are highly sensitive politically and require careful management. A well-run process reduces risk, ensures fairness, improves efficiency and keeps bidder engagement and interaction high.

The non-negotiable requirements of a tender process include:

  • staged, equal access for bidders to tender documents
  • an efficient, fair RFI/Q&A process including robust approval workflows
  • high levels of data security for files shared with project teams and bidders
  • tracking of all activity for probity/audit purposes
  • confidentiality of bid teams and their submissions

From our research, these processes generally have been run across a collection of disparate systems not fit for purpose for complex tendering, with little expert support to make things run smoothly and efficiently.

Project teams are accepting a higher level of risk and inefficiency and are exposing themselves to the possibility of deal failure, because they haven’t identified a streamlined, centralised way of managing these complex processes.

The time and effort of the multiple staff resources required to meet these strict requirements is also far higher than required. Besides the monetary cost, it is reducing team members’ engagement and increasing stress levels by keeping them involved with highly repetitive, yet risky, manual processes.

With the increased scrutiny from a motivated press and sceptical populace, it’s made running a successful tender process more important than ever.

Project teams should be increasing efficiency and bidder engagement, while also reducing the risk of process failure and security breaches by managing the process in one highly controlled, secure, audited place.

Best practice tender management utilises:

  • ease of access for all, with no plugins or installs required
  • full life cycle document security, regardless of file location
  • an efficient, controlled and fully trackable RFI/Q&A process that allows question to be asked from both sides of the process
  • approval workflows that are robust, efficient and trackable
  • tracking of all document views and RFI activity for disclosure purposes
  • up to the minute reporting of bidder activity, to better understand bidder sentiment and keep engagement levels high
  • on demand access to knowledgeable best practice process design.

Ansarada is the only platform provider that can do ALL of this in one secure audited system, and provide expert assistance to ensure global best practice methodology.


Ease of access

All features and functionality are browser based, with zero plugins or installs required and is accessible from an any device on any operating system. The interface is simple and highly intuitive with no previous experience or training necessary.

Secure by design

The project team can easily adjust user access to documents and tailor security accordingly, regardless of whether the documents are inside or outside the platform. We are the only provider who work directly with Adobe and Microsoft to ensure these systems work seamlessly with zero plugins or additional logins required.

Integrated Q&A

The platform has a sophisticated and tailored two-way Q&A facility that permits the project team to easily manage requests for information questions from both sides of the transaction. This function is auditable, and secured electronically – saving the project team countless hours. Our integrated Q&A and workflow capabilities allow questions to be efficiently assigned to the relevant parties, answered, approved and then sent back in a highly controlled manor.

Activity tracking & reporting

Intelligent reporting and comprehensive audit trails are available on demand. Both sides of the transaction can be included in reporting. This can help the project team quickly identify how engaged best course of action could be and quickly respond to any requests from probity auditors.

Electronic submissions

Ansarada gives the ability for the project team to securely receive electronic submissions, with full control over submission window deadlines. Full security is applied to documents published in this area so the relevant parts of each submission can be safely loaded into the platform and shared with the evaluation teams.

Client Services team

Our 24/7/365 Client Services support teams are available on demand to all of the Project Teams, Advisors and Bidders. We have services teams based in Sydney, London and Chicago, so you’re always dealing with someone at the height of their day, in person over the phone if required.


Our Tenders business has grown over the last 8 years from the first major government process that we ran, the $20b Melbourne Train and Tram franchising.

Since then, we’ve been utilised for government infrastructure and private sector tenders across the globe, ranging from the tens of millions to tens of billions of dollars in value in major roads, public transport, ITC, health, education, social housing, prisons, ports, utilities, and central government.

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