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We’re the information governance platform that company boards, management teams and advisors rely on to be confident in making decisions and managing critical outcomes.

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thedocyard's history of dealmaking

A career in dealmaking drove corporate lawyer Stuart Clout to found thedocyard in 2016 with a mission to deliver the next generation of dealtech and board management solutions on a global scale.

Their initial service offerings focused on digitizing how their customers were executing transactions and key events – a process rife with inefficiencies and legacy behaviours. Their highly-sought transaction management solution brought project and workflow management into the digital age, and a host of benefits along with it.

In 2020, thedocyard acquired Athena Board to round out their offering; a simple, secure board meeting management platform that facilitates the compilation and digital distribution of board and committee documents.


Merging with Ansarada to become an information governance powerhouse

On 30 September 2020, thedocyard announced its proposed merger with Ansarada. The merger was finalized on 8 December 2020, bringing together the two Australian technology companies as Ansarada Group Limited to become the market leader in corporate governance and information management solutions.

The primary driver behind the merger was enabling that capability for a company to focus on their most critical outcomes across their most critical activities.


With thedocyard’s strength in workflow and collaboration tools as well as the Athena board portal product, when you combine that with Ansarada’s 15 years of serving the top products for deals and tenders, you get the most compelling suite of tools for an organization to reach its potential.

The new Ansarada Platform provides end-to-end document and process management to support critical decisions and events for organizations throughout their lifecycle.
Ansarada’s portfolio of SaaS solutions now include Deals, Compliance, Board and Tenders, bringing together the market leading Virtual Data Rooms, highly secure Board Portal features, Ansarada’s compliance and governance Pathways product, and thedocyard’s workflow software into a single powerful platform.

greater governance

The critical role of greater governance

With information growing in volume and complexity – alongside the growing number of regulations it is subject to – there are increasing risks and opportunities present for businesses today.

  • Good information governance increases productivity and enables efficiencies and better decision making, while ensuring compliance and reducing risks. 
  • Poor information governance increases risks and inefficiencies.
  • When information is governed well, it produces greater productivity, visibility, control and enables faster and better decisions across an organization. 
ansarada platform

Since being founded, both thedocyard and Ansarada have helped companies govern their information during their most critical business events. Companies often have their information in its best shape immediately prior to and during such events (including M&A, capital raise, IPO or audit) – so why stop there?
The new Ansarada Platform facilitates the end-to-end management of information throughout a company’s lifecycle in order to boost efficiencies and increase control at every stage and through every outcome (compared to fragmented and siloed approaches that rely on multiple, individual products).

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