Top UK Dealmakers' Predictions 2022

Confidence is running high for the UK's top dealmakers.

We've partnered with Mergermarket to interview 50 dealmakers in the UK to gain their insights on what's next for M&A in the region.

What's inside the report:

Through a forward-looking survey of 50 respondents, this report considers the key themes that will shape M&A activity in the UK over the next 12 months.

✅      Distressed deal flow could rise

✅      UK & European market activity

✅      SPAC advantages

✅      Spotlight on Private Equity

✅      TMT leads the COVID recovery

✅      Distressed M&A activity by sector

✅      Future M&A investment headlines

✅      Spotlight on ESG

✅      M&A challenges & opportunities

✅      Regulations pose challenges

✅      Investment beyond the UK

✅      Focus on technology

✅      Four key themes