Ansarada Deals™ brings confidence and control to total transaction management

Made for modern dealmakers: Now you can centralize all your deal activity in a single platform.

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Leading M&A software provider, Ansarada has launched its next-generation transaction technology, which is poised to advance and amplify processes at every stage of the deal lifecycle for advisors and their clients.
Bringing together a suite of game-changing deal technologies into a single secure platform, Ansarada Deals™ smashes the benchmark in transaction management with the most comprehensive solution on the market.

As a result of the AU$125 million merger with thedocyard at the end of 2020, Ansarada is now able to offer unparalleled services to corporates, advisors, investors and other dealmakers around the globe. Ansarada Deals™ enables them to control every aspect of a transaction with confidence and simplicity across the full deal lifecycle. 

The platform comprises deal marketing and preparation features, including Deal Workflow™ and Smart Sort, seamless due diligence and Q&A features for execution and closing in world-class, secure Virtual Data Rooms, as well as unique AI Bidder Engagement Score functionality, sophisticated reporting, and digitized post-deal integration frameworks. All of these features are available to businesses and their advisors on flexible SaaS pricing plans so they can be supported at every stage. 

“We’ve learned a huge amount from the past 15 years of facilitating M&A transactions. It was a natural progression for us to put those learnings toward developing project management tools and workflow solutions that would fit seamlessly with our market-leading virtual data rooms. With Ansarada Deals, we’re able to eliminate many of the risks, inefficiencies and information silos that are prevalent in processes in the lead up to, during and following a deal. Being able to centralize all that transactional activity across the board is a game-changer when it comes to driving more, stronger outcomes,” said Ansarada CEO, Sam Riley. 

Much more than a Virtual Data Room; from deal preparation and collaboration, to AI-powered deal insights and post-acquisition integration, Ansarada is now an essential tool for total transaction management. 

Ansarada Deals™ as a promotional launch is offering companies a free trial, so they and their advisors can get free access until the first guest user logs in, and experience the collaborative technology themselves for a free period. Try it now at

We also have new online quoting, so now you can get a no obligation quote for you or your client. And when you’re ready to go, we can get your deal room live within minutes.

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