Automate data room creation: Move from prep to go mode in seconds

Transfer a scorecard to a data room to run a high-performance deal with full security controls, reporting, and Q&A

By ansaradaTue Sep 24 2019Virtual Data Rooms

Ansarada Pathways allow you to set standards for information quality through templates that guide you through a proven route to a successful outcome, based on 35,000+ previous deals. Use our templatized Pathways or import your own via Excel spreadsheet to quickly turn it into a functional project, and get the organization working off a single best-in-class template.
When it’s time to execute a deal or other business outcome, you can instantly create a data room and bring across your information in the right structure. It’s a seamless transition to deal execution, where you can move your fully prepared team and documentation into a data room - where the highest levels of security can be applied.

How to do it:

  1. From the scorecard dashboard, select the scorecard
  2. Go to the sub menu, then select data rooms
  3.  Select ‘create data room
  4.  Under name, enter the name you wish to call your data room and select continue. By default, the existing scorecard name will be used.
  5. Under documents, select all the relevant areas and/or topics to be transferred to your room and hit continue. Note: All documents within the areas/topics that are selected will be transferred. If a person does not have access to an area, they will be unable to transfer it to a room.
  6. Under administrators, select people that are to be invited into the room as administrators. Admins will have full access to all room menus, functions and reports.
  7. Check your settings. It’s recommended that you update the URL of the data room and number your documents.
  8. Hit 'create data room'
  9. To access your room for the first time, select the verification link on the invitation email. Once a person has verified their access, they will be able to see and access the room from the data rooms tab.

Automate room creation, always be ready

When business is in its best possible state, your data room creation sits in your hands, so you’re always ready to engage in unexpected opportunities. Documentation can be custom-fit to your needs and teams ready to go to market in moments.

Request a demo of the Ansarada platform today and we’ll show you how you can stay ahead with room setup automation.

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