New year’s resolution: Better Board meetings in 2023

Now is the perfect time to implement Board meeting management software: Here’s why.

By AnsaradaMon Jan 16 2023Security and risk management, Board

After a challenging year, we can all look forward to a fresh slate in 2023.
Before the formal Board meeting calendar commences, take advantage of the slow season to optimize how your meetings are managed and run.
If you’re still running your Board using email, DropBox, internal intranets, or even sending and receiving Board packs via mail (and at the mercy of the postal system), you’re putting your Board and your business at risk. Why? Because these legacy tools and processes no longer meet the needs of today’s risk environment.
  • These systems are manual and inefficient, adding unnecessary strain on already overworked Boards and wasting precious time. Every single meeting.
  • Disparate systems are subject to significantly more human error, whether through version control issues, duplication of work, or cluttered inboxes and missed deliveries.
  • You have no visibility over whether individuals have read the information, so you can’t be confident that they are prepared for the meeting.
Keeping pace with technological change is critical for Boards to stay relevant and effective in a VUCA world. And it starts with the right Board software.

Take action to prepare your Board for the new year

Consider how you currently run your Board processes and how they could be improved using purpose-built technology.
Without formal scheduled meetings, January is the perfect time for your Company Secretary and Directors to implement Board software before the FY23 calendar starts up again.
Ansarada Board is Board management software designed to help you run your Board meetings like clockwork and ensure you have all the information you need on hand – anywhere, any time. Here’s how it can optimize your Board meetings in 2023.

1. Stay protected against risk

Ansarada Board becomes your single centralized space for secure Board collaboration and meeting preparation.
Keep your sensitive Board documentation secure with industry-leading encryption and advanced security technology. Ansarada uses AWS secure hosting and meets the highest level of international and industry-specific compliance standards.

2. Maintain visibility and accountability

Get instant oversight across all critical information – including documents, data, and the people responsible for them - with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate dashboard.
A unique feature of Ansarada Board is the visibility it affords company secretaries into document activity tracking. Access real-time analytics to monitor which documents are being reviewed (and when) to ensure everyone is engaged.

3. Boost efficiencies by centralizing & digitizing your workflow

With Ansarada Board, you can streamline Board meeting preparation from end to end. Log in online or via the Ansarada Board app to instantly access all your Boards and manage all your Board commitments from a single platform.
Set up key documents in an Ansarada Binder ahead of each Board meeting and maintain control over who gets access. Automatically generate integrated minutes at the end of each meeting to eliminate time-consuming manual work.

4. Make work life easier

With everything you need accessible via the app, you can log in anytime, anywhere for on-the-go access to all your Board meetings, minutes and notes.
Use quick functions to annotate documents and make free-form electronic notes. View documents side-by-side for a quick comparison. And simplify and speed up signoff  processes using online e-Signatures from your preferred device.

Bring order to your Board in 2023

Saving the best news for last, Ansarada Board is completely free to start using. Sign up for a freemium plan to test out the software for yourself at no cost, and see how much simpler this year’s Board meetings could be.
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